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Eugene Woodworth (1929 – December 21, 2013)

Eric Marcoux and Eugene Woodworth celebrated 60 years together on June 13, 2013. They married on December 13, 2013. "We were married on a Thursday. On Friday, we saw [Eugene's] cardiologist. He said, 'I'm sorry you're not going to last as long as I thought. It's going faster.' And he died a week and one day afterwards." Eugene passed away on December 21. He was 85. "We were married for 60 years," said Marcoux. A few seconds later, he added, "In the eyes of the law, we were married a little over a week. I had hoped for longer. But we had been preparing for this for 60 years. I mean that seriously. Every single night, we'd kiss goodnight and say, 'I love you.' We'd discussed it many times. This means if I'm dead in my bed in the morning, I will have died saying I love you." When they met in Chicago in 1953 when Marcoux was 23 and Woodworth was 25, they always answered “Yes” when people asked them if they were brothers. In the last years, when people asked, Marcoux said, “No, but thank you for asking, because I am able to tell you that I love this man.” Woodworth was a ballet dancer, and Marcoux was just leaving a Trappist monastery. Marcoux (born 1931) and Woodworth (born 1929) participate in Friendly House’s Gay and Grey program, and Marcoux has been a Buddhist teacher for 23 years.

Timeline & Places:

• 1929: born.

• 2003: married at Eugene Zendo Butsugenji, 2190 Garfield St, Eugene, OR 97405, Stati Uniti

• December 21, 2013: died.


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