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Rainbow Awards: Cover Contest (April)

This is the first round for the 2013 Cover Contest. Voting on each slot will happen every 2 weeks.

- in round 1 there will be 12 slots, 1 for each month in the Submission period (from September 2012 to August 2013).
- in parallel with the poll, a special jury will vote the covers; the jury is composed by: Ali, Anne Tenino, Brent Hartinger, Dylan Rosser, Jodie, Julie, Linda, Mitzie, Tammy, Zahra Owens.
- you can vote as many covers as you want, using the poll in this post

Last week, most voted cover was:

Fire (Paul Richmond)


Coming Home (Anne Cain)

will pass to round 2:
Bolt-Hole (DWS Photography)
Chateau d'Eternite (Anne Cain)
Choices (Paul Richmond)
Coming Home (Anne Cain)
Fire (Paul Richmond)
Freedom (Anne Cain)
Ice and Embers (Anne Cain)
Into This River I Drown (Kyle Thompson)
Let's Play It by Ear
Love Song for Baby X
Plane Queer
Spell Cat (Shobana Appavu)

All the covers are here:


and here is the poll:

pollCollapse )
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