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John Herbert (October 13, 1926 - June 22, 2001)

John Herbert aka Jack Brundage (13 October 1926 – 22 June 2001) was a Canadian playwright. Best known for Fortune and Men's Eyes, he wrote 24 plays, six of which were published. A Toronto maverick and Gay pioneer, playwright and actor, he talked the talk AND he walked the walk. (Picture: John Herbert (Jack Brundage), 1926-2001, shown here around 1950)

John Herbert was born in Toronto on October 13th 1926. He died June 22nd 2001. he was 75 years of age. He Attended York Memorial Collegiate Institute, Toronto 1939-44. Ontario College of Art 1948-50, National Ballet School 1954-57, Boris Volkoff Ballet School 1953-57, and New Play Society Theatre School 1956-59. Was inspired by American films and actresses like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, and Joan Crawford. Spending time at the Guelph reformatory prison he was raped beaten and physically assaulted day in and day out which gave him his raw material for his best known play “Fortune and Men's Eyes” which was performed 30 years later. Bill Glassco Director of “Fortune and Mens eye's” said John Herbert was "the single most important figure of the decade" "Fortune and Men's eyes” won the Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award in 1975.

Source: http://prezi.com/5lb0qhp1mgbf/john-herbert-playwright/

Further Readings:

Fortune and Men's Eyes by John Herbert
Publisher: Grove Press (June 1968)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0394173570
ISBN-13: 978-0394173573
Amazon: Fortune and Men's Eyes

Fortune and Men's Eyes is a 1967 play and 1971 film by John Herbert about a young man's experience in prison, exploring themes of homosexuality and sexual slavery.

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