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LGBT Ebook and Print Releases, June 2013

100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers, Volume II by Jenettha Baines
500 Miles by Parker William (MLR Press)
A Bite of Fulfillment (A Paranormal's Love) by Charlie Richards (eXtasy Books)
A Gentleman's Gentleman by Shawn Bailey (Silver Publishing)
A Gift From Poseidon by Duncan More
A Heaven of Words: Last Journals, 1956-1984 by Glenway Wescott and Jerry Rosco
A Knight to Remember by Anne Barwell (Dreamspinner Press)
A Lady for Two by Nan Comargue (Total-e-Bound)
A Little Gay History: Desire and Diversity Across the World by R. B. Parkinson and Kate Smith
A Love Apart: a novel by Rachelle Rogers
A Mystery, Wrapped In A Mystery, Surrounded By A Mystery (A Bent Mystery) by Ken Lansdowne
A New Life: Cal's Story (Never Again) by Edward Kendrick (Silver Publishing)
A Roommate Wanted by K.C. Grim (JMS Books)
A Shot at Forgiveness by Cardeno C. (Dreamspinner Press)
A Stone Boat: A Novel by Andrew Solomon
Abandoned by J. P. Barnaby
Abandoned Property: The Eviction Chronicles Part 2 (Volume 2) by Kai Mann
Academic Pleasures by J.M. Lisbon (Silver Publishing)
Aftermath by Angel Martinez
Against Type by Heidi Champa (Amber Quill Press)
All That Lies Within by Lynn Ames
Alrik by Carol Lynne (Total-e-Bound)
Always a Groomsman by Cassandra Gold (Loose ID)
American Yakuza II - The Lies That Bind by I. Isabella
And a Time to Dance by Chris Paynter
And So It Begins by R.G. Green (Dreamspinner Press)
Angel on the Ropes by Jill Shultz
Another Secret by Stevie Woods (Amber Quill Press)
Attachment Strings by Chris T. Kat (Dreamspinner Press)
Audible by Dawn Kimberly Johnson (Dreamspinner Press)
Bane of Boston by J.P. Barnaby (Dreamspinner Press)
Banned Books by RJ Astruc (Dreamspinner Press)
Beach Bums: Gay Erotic Fiction by Neil Plakcy
Beach Remedy (Paranormal Days) by Sasha L. Miller (Less Than Three Press)
Bearcity: The Novel by Lawrence Ferber and Doug Langway
Bellingham Mysteries 5: Birds of a Feather by Nicole Kimberling (Loose ID)
Best Gay Stories 2013 by Steve Berman, Alex Jeffers, Matthew R. Loney and Jameson Currier (Lethe Press)
Beyond the Cyborg: Adventures with Donna Haraway by Margret Grebowicz, Helen Merrick and Donna Haraway
Bitter Orange by Marshall Moore
Bitter Rednesses of Love by Dominique Frost (Loose ID)
Black Mahogany by Emily Carrington (Loose ID)
Blindside - Mark's Story: Blind Faith 3 (Volume 3) by N.R. Walker
Blindside by Stella Harris (Storm Moon Press)
Blood & Ash (Lost Realm, #1) (Volume 1) by Kate Aaron
Blowdown by Mr. D. Graham MacFie
Body Charge by Hunter Davies
Book Of Secrets (Oracle) (Volume 2) by RJ Scott
Boots and Leather by T. Strange (Torquere Books)
Born This Way by Poppy Dennison (Dreamspinner Press)
Boy Crucified by Jerome Wilde (Dreamspinner Press)
Boys of the Fast Lane: A Gay Erotic Novel by Zack
Brad's Bachelor Party by River Jaymes (Loose ID)
Brit Lit by D. Gilson
Broken Trails by D Jordan Redhawk
Broken Wings by Jade Buchanan (MLR Press)
Brookside Athletic Club: Vol 1 by Carol Lynne
Brothers of the Wild North Sea by Harper Fox (Samhain Publishing)
Bully for You by Catt Ford (Dreamspinner Press)
Bump in the Night by K. C. Grim
Butch Queens Up in Pumps: Gender, Performance, and Ballroom Culture in Detroit (Triangulations: Lesbian/Gay/Queer... by Marlon M. Bailey
Camp Sites: Sex, Politics, and Academic Style in Postwar America (Post*45) by Michael Trask
Canary by Nancy Jo Cullen
Can't Let Go by CR Guiliano (MLR Press)
Catch My Breath by M.J. O'Shea (Dreamspinner Press)
Change Horizons: Three Novellas by Gun Brooke
Changeless by Cherie Noel (MLR Press)
Changing Planes by Karenna Colcroft (Loose ID)
Chanson by David Bret (Dreamspinner Press)
Chasing Ghosts by Indra Vaughn (Torquere Books)
Chasing the King of the Mountains by T.A. Chase & Devon Rhodes (Total-e-Bound)
Children of Forever by Etienne (Dreamspinner Press)
Children of the Knight by Michael J. Bowler (Dreamspinner Press)
Choices by Jamie Mayfield (Dreamspinner Press)
Christos Tsiolkas - The Untold Story: His Life and his Work by John Vasilakakos
City of Bloody Love by Joseph G. R. DeMarco (Lethe Press)
City of Jade by L.J. LaBarthe (Dreamspinner Press)
City of Soldiers by Sam Burke (Dreamspinner Press)
Cops by G. A. Hauser
Cowboy and Indian by Rob Rosen (Torquere Books)
Cowboy's Challenge [Cowboys of Snow Lake 4] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) by Susan Laine
Crazy For You by D.H. Starr (MLR Press)
Crazy Pavements by Beverley Nichols and David Deutsch
Cupid Knows by DC Juris (Torquere Books)
Damaged Hearts by Erin L Dalke
Damn Love by Jasmine Beach-Ferrara
Damned If You Do: The Complete Collection by JL Merrow (Riptide Publishing)
Dark Chocolate and Raspberries by Sui Lynn (eXtasy Books)
Date With Destiny by Mason Dixon
Daughter of the Suburbs: Genesis by Thora Thornton
Dead Het Boys by Mark A. Roeder
dear daisy,: collected stories, volume one (Volume 1) by jerry w marshall
Desert Nights by Kitti Bernetti
Destiny on the Tracks by Drake Braxton (Dreamspinner Press)
Directing Traffic by Charley Descoteaux (Dreamspinner Press)
Dis Brimstone vs. Holy Moses: Sweetgrass Shelter by J Jody F Nabess N
Discovered by J. P. Barnaby
Dissonance in A Minor by Nicole Disney (JMS Books)
Ditch Water by Joseph Delgado
Donal agus Jimmy by P.D. Singer
Don't You Know Who I Am Yet? by Jonathan Jaxson
Double Diamonds by KC Kendricks
Down Under by Tam Ames (Dreamspinner Press)
Dragon Slayer by Isabella Carter (Less Than Three Press)
Dumb Jock by Jeff Erno (Dreamspinner Press)
Ectopia by Martin Goodman
Edleston: Lord Byron's Boy Poems by Lord Byron and Keith Hale
Educated by Elizabeth - An Erotic Novella by Bethany Goring
Email from an Ex by Richard Natale (Torquere Books)
Emergency Servicing by Eleanor Bruce, Elizabeth Coldwell, H.L. Holston and Noelle Keaton
End of the Line by Ash Penn (Total-e-Bound)
Enlightened by J. P. Barnaby
Escaped by J. P. Barnaby
Faire Fugitive by Madeleine Ribbon (Loose ID)
Falling Into The Abyss: To Save Myself by Jesse MacGregor-Jones
Family Obligations by Vivien Dean & Rick R. Reed (Amber Quill Press)
Faraway Hill Book One (Farawway Hill) (Volume 1) by James A Richards
Faraway Hill Book Three (Volume 3) by James A Richards
Faraway Hill Book Two (Volume 2) by James A Richards
Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding by Marie Sexton (Dreamspinner Press)
Feeling Women's Liberation (Next Wave: New Directions in Women's Studies) by Victoria Hesford
Feminism Counts: Quantitative Methods and Researching Gender by Christina Hughes and Rachel Lara Cohen
Ferryman - A Gay Erotic Novella by Sommer Marsden
Fever by M. Rode (Torquere Books)
Finding Ashlynn by Zoe Lynne (Dreamspinner Press)
Finding Master Right by L.A. Witt (Riptide Publishing)
Fire & Ice (Lost Realm, #2) (Volume 2) by Kate Aaron
Fire and Light by Berengaria Brown (Torquere Books)
Fissures (Spectrum Skies) by D.J. Manly (Silver Publishing)
Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas by Dale Carpenter
Fly Me To The Moon by A. J. Llewellyn (Amber Quill Press)
Foolish (Volume 1) by Anthony London
For a Dragon's Touch (Highland Dragons) by Charlie Richards (eXtasy Books)
Forever Promised by Amy Lane (Dreamspinner Press)
God Believes in Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage (Vintage) by Gene Robinson
Gotta Dance with the One Who Brung Ya: sex, scandals and sweethearts by Jon McDonald
Graceland by Ally Blue (Samhain Publishing)
Hanging Loose by Lou Harper
Heart of Dixie by Mychael Black (Torquere Books)
Heart of Stone by Ari McKay (Dreamspinner Press)
Heart of the Race by Mary Calmes (Dreamspinner Press)
Heaven by CJ Anthony (MLR Press)
Heir of Starlight (Sea of Stars) by Nicole Kimberling (Samhain Publishing)
Held Hostage by the Vampire Lord [The Vampire District 6] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Marcy Jacks
Her wife by Diavia' Speaks
Herbal Remedy by Megan Derr (Less Than Three Press)
Hobbled by John Inman (Dreamspinner Press)
Hocus Pocus Baby (The Magic Baby Series) (Volume 2) by Scarlett Cantrell
Holding Together by Sue Brown (Total-e-Bound)
Hooked Up by Parker James (Silver Publishing)
House of Magic (The Magic Baby Series) (Volume 3) by Scarlett Cantrell
How Should a Person Be?: A Novel by Sheila Heti
How Soon Is Now by Christopher Koehler (MLR Press)
Human Aspect by Elizabeth L. Brooks (Prizm Books)
I Want To Know What Love Is by Sara York (MLR Press)
If It Fornicates (A Market Garden Tale) by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov (Riptide Publishing)
I'll Be Watching You by Benjamin Cole (MLR Press)
In Her Flesh by Joshua Skye (JMS Books)
In Sunshine or in Shadow: Short Stories: Volume I by Josh Lanyon
In the Land of Bluegrass & Bountiful Rainbows: Book One: The New Neighbors (Volume 1) by Mark McCarty
In the Land of Bluegrass & Bountiful Rainbows: Book Two: After Dark (Volume 2) by Mark A. McCarty
In the Pocket, a Roughstock story by BA Tortuga (Torquere Books)
Infected: Undertow by Andrea Speed (Dreamspinner Press)
Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ Lives (Routledge Research in Gender and Society) by Janice L. Ristock
Is It Me You're Looking For by Gwynn Marssen (MLR Press)
It's not you, it's Me (Midlakes Chronicles) (Volume 1) by Peter Wright
It's Raining Men by Diana DeRicci (MLR Press)
Just Queer Folks: Gender and Sexuality in Rural America (Sexuality Studies) by Colin R. Johnson
Kallen's Atonement (Lost Shifter) by Stephani Hecht (eXtasy Books)
Kissing Reno [Brac Village 3] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Lynn Hagen
La Rose Blanche by Anthony W. Harvey
Life in the District by Lucy Di Legge
Like A Prayer by Pelaam (MLR Press)
Like Light for Flies by Lee Thomas and Sarah Langan (Lethe Press)
Living On My Own by Megan Slayer (MLR Press)
Loose Riggin' by Julia Talbot (Torquere Books)
Love Alters: Lesbian Love Stories by Emma Donoghue
Love Lies Bleeding by Remmy Duchene (Silver Publishing)
Love Me Back To Life by M. L. Rhodes (Amber Quill Press)
Love Speech: A Book About Morality and Homosexual Relationships by David Robinson
Love, Christopher Street by Thomas Keith and Bram Christopher (Chelsea Station Editions)
Love’s Cabers Tossed by Ari McKay (Dreamspinner Press)
Lover Unexpected: Manlove Edition by Penelope Rivers, Erin M. Leaf, Sean Michael and Xondra Day
Loving The L Word: The Complete Series in Focus (Reading Contemporary Television) by Dana Heller
Makahiki (The Last Warrior) by A.J. Llewellyn (Silver Publishing)
Manthology by Tristram La Roche and Daniel deLoite
Marvelous Mayhem by Joshua Skye (JMS Books)
Masquerade Ball by Aaron Kubacak
Meeting Robyn by Gloria Parker and Randolph Hogan
Melting the Ice Witch by Mell Eight (Less Than Three Press)
Micah's Refuge (Pack Mates, Book 2) by Lynn Tyler (Liquid Silver Books)
Michael by Luke Hartwell
Might Be Bi Part One by Keith Thomas Walker
Mixed Tape Series Volume #1 by Logan Zachary, Parker Williams, Sabrina Luna, C.J. Anthony, Gina A. Rogers, T.A. Chase (MLR Press)
Mixed Tape Series Volume #2 by Embry Carlysle, Megan Slayer, Lex Valentine, Rob Rosen, Diana DeRicci, & Christopher Koehler (MLR Press)
Mixed Tape Series Volume #3 by Gwynn Marssen, Silvia Violet, Sara York, Jade Buchanan, Benjamin Cole, D.H. Starr (MLR Press)
Mixed Tape Series Volume #4 by Z. Allora, Jambrea Jo Jones, Barry Brennessel, Karenna Colcroft, Pelaam, C.R. Guiliano, Cherie Noel (MLR Press)
Molten Mayhem (Molten 3) by Kira Stone (Changeling Press)
Monarch Season by Mario López-Cordero
Mountain Hot Springs by Chuck Willman (JMS Books)
Mountain Prey by Lyn Gala (Dreamspinner Press)
Mulligan by Nora Roth (Dreamspinner Press)
Musings of a Full Moon by Helen P Souranoff
My Wife, My Life by Amy Barendt
Nathan's Story by Luke Hartwell
Never Goin' To Let You Go by Embry Carlysle (MLR Press)
New Fire by Mary Ann Brown
Nighttime Dreams (Nighttime Wishes) (Volume 2) by MA Church
Nighttime Wishes (Volume 1) by MA Church
No Man's Land by G.S. Wiley (Silver Publishing)
Nothing's Going ... by Pelaam (MLR Press)
Obedience Classes by Sean Michael (Storm Moon Press)
Ode to Boy: An Anthology of Same-Sex Attraction in Literature from Antiquity Through the First World War by Keith Hale
Of War and Blood (Drone Vampire) by Stephani Hecht (eXtasy Books)
Ollie's Haven [Wolf Haven 2] (Siren Publishing Classic Manlove) by Stormy Glenn
On My Face, Please by Lee Braunsteiner
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy by John A. Connor
Open To The Past by Silvia Violet (MLR Press)
Oracle (Volume 1) by RJ Scott
Orange Crush by A.J. Llewellyn (Total-e-Bound)
Out of Options by Naomi Brooks and Angelia Sparrow (Storm Moon Press)
Painting In The Rain by Dev Bentham (Amber Quill Press)
Pearls Like Rain by Michael Barnette (Torquere Books)
Peepshow by Clare London (Amber Quill Press)
Phantom Lover by A. J. Llewellyn (Amber Quill Press)
Please Don't Touch by Moan Lisa
Politician Won by Amber Kell (Total-e-Bound)
Prep School Scandal by Christopher Conner
Pricolici by Alicia Nordwell
Pure by M.A. Church (Dreamspinner Press)
Purpose by Andrew Q. Gordon (Dreamspinner Press)
Queers Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the LGBTQ Fans Who Love It by Sigrid Ellis, Michael Damian Thomas, John Barrowman and Carole E. Barrowman
Rakshasa (Native Instincts) by India Jackson (Less Than Three Press)
Rayne's New Beginning (Volume 2) by Dannie Marsden
Reaching the Edge by L.M. Somerton (Total-e-Bound)
Ready to Ride by Katherine Halle (Torquere Books)
Real Vampires Don't Sparkle by Amy Fecteau
Rediscovering Myself: From Ohio to West Virginia by Justin Furter
Regency Nights by Kitti Bernetti
Remembering to Breathe by BA Tortuga (Torquere Books)
Renew, a Hammer story by Sean Michael (Torquere Books)
Report for Repair: A Gay Erotic Novella by Sommer Marsden
Riding the Board by Cate Ashwood (Dreamspinner Press)
Ropes and Dreams by Bailey Bradford (Total-e-Bound)
Running Up That Hill by Barry Brennessel (MLR Press)
Sacrificed by J. P. Barnaby
Salting the Earth by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane (Storm Moon Press)
Same Page by Lily Velden (Dreamspinner Press)
Save the Date by Kate McMurray (Loose ID)
Save Your Love For Me by Lex Valentine (MLR Press)
Say Everything by Gina A. Rogers (MLR Press)
Secrets and Shadows by L.T. Marie
Sex in the Suburbs: Memoirs of a Gay-Son by Luke Legende
Shadow Wolf (Shinobi Saga) (Volume 2) by Sessha Batto
Shadowcraft by Jean Woolf (Dreamspinner Press)
Shane by Michael J. Wagner
Sharp Dressed Man by T.A. Chase (MLR Press)
Side Line by Ben Ryder (Dreamspinner Press)
Silent Secrets [Brac Village 2] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic Manlove) by Lynn Hagen
Siren Call [Gods Behaving Badly 1] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Jana Downs
Soldier Boy: The Adventures of Bryce Tyconnel: Book One (Volume 1) by Thomas L Marshall
Sole Support by Kaje Harper (Samhain Publishing)
Something Worth Fighting For by Mara Ismine (Torquere Books)
Sons of Pleasure [Trailer Trash: Wet, Wicked & Wild] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) by Kelly Conrad
Sophomore Season by C.C. Williams
Sophomore: Undeclared by Daisy Harris (Total-e-Bound)
Special Poetry Things: a collection of very special poems by Tarvo Sampa Merkallinen
Species Zero:Incubus by Aaron Estes
Stiff: Memoirs of a Dick by Dick O'Connor
Structural Intimacies: Sexual Stories in the Black AIDS Epidemic (Critical Issues in Health and Medicine) by Dr. Sonja Mackenzie
Subtle Innuendos by Z. Allora (MLR Press)
Sultry Socal [Take Me: Hypnotize Me] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic Manlove) by Taylor Brooks
Summer Fling by Dean Sage and David Arney
Summer's Child by Cari Z (Total-e-Bound)
Surviving Elite High: Senior Year by John H. Ames
Tactical Pursuit by Lynette Mae
Talking About Fungus by TJ Baer
Tarnished Souls 4: Bread, Salt & Wine by Dev Bentham (Loose ID)
Tattoo You by Willa Okati (Torquere Books)
Temptation by Lee Brazil (Breathless Press)
Ten Pollitt Place by C. H. B. Kitchin, Val Biro and Simon Stern
The Art Of Words by RJ Scott and Meredith Russell
The Au Pair Affair by Bonnie Dee (Samhain Publishing)
The Bones Of Summer by Anne Brooke (Amber Quill Press)
The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker by J.A. Rock (Loose ID)
The Butler Did It by Kate Deveaux (Total-e-Bound)
The Candied Road Ahead: Poems & Stories by Mr Robert P Langdon
The Celestine Room by Jared Rackler (Torquere Books)
The chronicles of koradai - the tomb of the goddess by Daniel k, Kennedy
The Crimson Cat by A. J. Llewellyn & D. J. Manly (Amber Quill Press)
The Crush by Susan X Meagher
The Dark Glasses by Francis King and Jonathan Fryer
The Deadly Rose, An Assassin's Tale (La Rose) (Volume 1) by J. M. Lominy
The Devil's Orchard by Ali Vali
The Doctor and the Bad Boy by RJ Scott (Total-e-Bound)
The Dragon's Hoard by Mell Eight (Less Than Three Press)
The Easy Way Out by RP Andrews (Silver Publishing)
The Edge of Rebellion by Andi Marquette
The Escort: Yes, Master by Parker Linn (Amber Quill Press)
The Faery Tree (Tonawanda Faery Tales) by Cherie Noel (Silver Publishing)
The Flesh Cartel #7: Homecoming by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau (Riptide Publishing)
The Forbidden Island by A. J. Llewellyn (Amber Quill Press)
The Greenwood: Locking Horns by Kay Berrisford (Loose ID)
The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery by James Lear
The Healing & the Dying (Tooth and Claw) by L. A. Witt (Samhain Publishing)
The Horse Inside by Hilary C.T. Walker (JMS Books)
The Magic Broom by Teegan Loy (Dreamspinner Press)
The Magistrate (The Prisonworld Trilogy) (Volume 1) by Keira Michelle Telford
The Not So Immaculate Conception (The Magic Baby Series) (Volume 1) by Scarlett Cantrell
The Plain of Bitter Honey by Alan Chin
The Prey by K.C. Grim (JMS Books)
The Reluctant Dad by Parker James (Silver Publishing)
The Sanguine Orator by Blithe Donovan
The Secret Lives of Emma: Distractions by Natasha Walker
The Sexorcist by Wayne Mansfield (JMS Books)
The Telling by Mr Michael J. Wagner
The Thirteenth Shard by J.L. O'Faolain (Dreamspinner Press)
The Warlock's Secret (Supernatural Bounty Hunters) by RJ Scott (eXtasy Books)
The Yellow Rope by MA Church (eXtasy Books)
Time Heals Some Wounds by J. Pink Holliday
To Bite a Bear (Banded Brothers) by Amber Kell (eXtasy Books)
To The Other Side by S.J. Frost (MLR Press)
To: Ashes Float the Wind: From: Barefoot in the Rabbit Hole by C J Gloucester and K D R
Torn by Sean Michael (Torquere Books)
Torso Tackle by R.W. Clinger (JMS Books)
Tragic Bitches: An Experiment in Queer Xicana & Xicano Performance Poetry by Adelina Anthony, Dino Foxx and Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano
Trans Experiences - A Research Report for Trans Communities and Their Allies by Eva C. Moser
Triangle: The Complete Series by Susann Julieva and Romelle Engel
True by Sabrina Luna (MLR Press)
True Colors by Jambrea Jo Jones (MLR Press)
Trust by Cassandra Gold (Amber Quill Press)
Truth and Roses by Veronica Sloane (Torquere Books)
Tuck & Cover by SJD Peterson (Dreamspinner Press)
Two Buckets and a Snakeskin Suit by Aaron Michaels (Torquere Books)
Under Texas Skies by Donna McIntosh
Understanding The Homosexual Community and the Gay Agenda: How to Cope with Our Changing Times by Mr Tobey Pearson
Unnatural Means by T.C. Mill (Storm Moon Press)
Unseen-Unheard: Straight Spouses from Trauma to Transformation by Amity Pierce Buxton and R. L. Pinely
Up to Trouble by Hank Edwards
Up Where We Belong by Rob Rosen (MLR Press)
Vanished by J. P. Barnaby
Venus Envy by EM Lynley (Total-e-Bound)
Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution by Linda Hirshman
Vow of Solitude by Austen Thorne
Way Out in Dog Heaven (Pettigrew Farm) (Volume 1) by Kathryn Ewers Bundy
West of Nowhere by KG MacGregor
What It's Worth by Gryvon (Storm Moon Press)
What's A Boy Supposed to Do by Roger M. Kean
When I See You Smile by Karenna Colcroft (MLR Press)
When You Rise Up: Performance Texts by Miguel Gutierrez
Whipped Cream by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
Whispers from the Gloom by Joshua Skye
White Hat/Black Hat by Kiernan Kelly (Torquere Books)
Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories by Sacchi Green
Wilde Stories 2013: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction by Laird Barron, Chaz Brenchley, Hal Duncan and Alex Jeffers (Lethe Press)
Wind and Dreams by Linda North
Winter's Gamble by Mechele Armstrong (Loose ID)
Women in Muslim Rural Society by Joseph Ginat
Wouldn't It Be Good by Logan Zachary (MLR Press)
Wrong Direction by Lance V Ramsey
Yosemite Fire Part 2 by Roy Evans
Yosemite Fire Part 3 by Roy R. Evans

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