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Power Exchange by A.J. Rose

What I admired most of this story is how the author managed to mix mystery/thriller with erotic romance, having both side strong in equal measure. When we are not reading about the relationship between Gavin and Ben, the tone is dry and clean, and the plot developed in a smooth way; when the story starts, Gavin is married, and sincerely I wasn’t able to see how the author could make his interest for Ben legit without falling in a cheating husband situation. I will not give out the story, but enough to say that my worries were not only completely dispelled, she also managed to have Gavin out as a winner with flaming colors.

Second strong impression is how all characters have their positive and negative side; sincerely there is no full good or bad people, even the villain had their reason, how much twisted they could be, but nevertheless they were there. Maybe that is the reason why it was not so difficult to understand who he was.

The relationship between Gavin and Ben is a classic of BDSM, so much that you can read this as good example of this type of stories. I may be wrong, but I don’t have the impression that Gavin is gay, or better, he is gay cause he wants to be in a relationship with Ben, who is a man, but more than that, he wants to be with Ben since he is a Dom. Gavin needs a Dom, and it’s easier for a man to find him in another man. Not impossible that, if Gavin found a good Dom in a woman, he was willing to go that way too, Gavin needs more the D/s relationship than the same-sex one. In any case, he feels attraction to Ben also as a man, not only as a Dom, and indeed, even before knowing the other man is a Dom, that attraction is evident. Gavin has an high stress job, with plenty of responsibility, a job he likes and wants to do in the best way, but when he comes home, he wants to be able to give up the control to someone else, he wants someone who gives him structures and rules, the strong support that enables him to let it go. Ben is that one for Gavin.

I’m not really an expert of D/s relationships, but I found this one to be clean cut, with clear basis, clear understanding, and no black zones. Gavin enters in the relationship with a full understanding of what he will have to give and take.

Amazon Kindle: Power Exchange
Publisher: Voodoo Lily Press; First Edition edition (September 15, 2012)

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