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2013 Rainbow Awards Submission: Anne Azel - Tides

Tides by Anne Aze
Publisher Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company (February 4, 2013)
Language English
ISBN-10 1939562023
ISBN-13 978-1939562029
Amazon: Tides
Amazon Kindle: Tides

"I'm a degenerate, sneaky, old coot and proud of it," Jackie Cunningham proudly proclaims. With outrageous honesty and an unorthodox approach to life, Jackie embarks on a last important mission--giving her favorite niece the opportunity to engage in her own oceanographic research. While preparing for her niece's future, Jackie takes a final journey through her own memories as a child in WWII England, growing up in post-war Canada, and covering the most monumental and remarkable events of the twentieth century as a journalist. "Like everyone, I have endured my storms and shipwrecks. Life has been one wonderful adventure."

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Tags: rainbow awards 2013
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