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How to Save a Life (Haven) by Sloan Parker

If I’m not wrong, More is the first book I read by Sloan Parker, long back ago, and so, sincerely, when I started this one, How to Save a Life, I didn’t remember of Walter Simon. It didn’t ring something, but admittedly, I avoid to read reviews and co, and in the blurb there was no connection; I was well into the story when we meet Matthew and Luke and suddenly everything was clear. Also was clear why I was enjoying this so much, indeed I liked a lot More, one of the first ménages a trois that rang true to my ears.

Anyway, I’m not really huge on the Romantic Suspense genre, I prefer my romance to be more about the relationship than some mystery plot, but as soon as I opened the book and entered Kevin and Walter, I was ready to change my position: there is plenty of Kevin and Walter as a couple that you don’t feel at all the mystery plot is stealing them space or spotlight. And then, they are representing a theme I like a lot, the May/December, Kevin is around thirty, Walter is almost fifty; sure Kevin looks younger, and above all, from an experience point of view he is totally naïve, so the age gap seems even broader, especially to Walter. But what is a trouble for Walter is also probably the reason why Kevin is perfect for him: Walter needs a boost of self-confidence, he needs to feel like he is taking care of someone else, because not taking care of someone younger and helpless is at the basis of his disillusion with life. Helping Kevin, and all the other young men who were kidnapped will give Walter his life back. Taking Kevin, will give him the chance to love again.

Kevin on the other hand needs someone older and more experienced than him; a trauma in his past basically blocked his development as a gay guy, so, even if he is thirty, to an experience point of view he is more or less barely legal. Sure, you can think, go with someone who is really barely legal, but well, you cannot learn if you need to teach. So yes, Kevin needs Walter as much as Walter needs Kevin, from this point of view their difference in age is not important.

And while the story can be dark and cruel in some point, it is also sweet: Kevin’s clumsiness, Charlie the dog, Seth’s pink and unicorn’s décor… are all elements sweetening the darkness of the suspense plot.

Amazon Kindle: How to Save a Life (The Haven)
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (January 14, 2013)

Series: The Haven
prequel) More: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/1049694.html
1) How to Save a Life

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