elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Cross post setting to DreawWidth is no more working

Since this morning I found out that the cross-posting from DW to LJ is not more working. It didn't really work well, some post was missing, but at least the majority of them were working... since this morning? NOTHING. I reposted the giveaway, cause I don't want for you to miss the chance, but sorry, I don't have time to repost everything, Rainbow Awards Submissions, serials, reviews. I opened a ticket to LJ, sadly all the other tickets are in Russian, so I'm not able to say if it's a problem of my journal only. If you want to be updated on everything, please visit my other blog: http://reviews_and_ramblings.dreamwidth.org/

The funny thing is that this journal is ranked 51 on more than 26 million journal (at today), but apparently LJ is doing everything in their power to push me away; first I had to close the journal to comment if you are not friends due to the spamming (their suggestion) and now this...

ETA: Crossposting is working again, so I went back and updated all posts and crossposting links... hope I haven't to do that everyday :-(
Tags: about me

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