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2013 Rainbow Awards Submission: Mila Kerr - Holding Back

Holding Back by Mila Kerr
Publisher: LazyDay Publishing (May 15, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: Holding Back

For Lex, the plan was to earn some money so she could make a fresh start. She had no idea that everything was about to change the minute the famous Dani Levley walked in the door.

Dani Levley never imagined she could trust anyone, let alone fall in love. Especially with someone like Lex - someone completely not her type. She was innocent, pure, a girl-next-door type of woman...and straight.

Everything begins to come into question. Love. Sexuality. Trust. Can Lex let go and embrace her new feelings? Can Dani allow herself to trust in someone she just met? Can they both finally stop holding back?

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Tags: rainbow awards 2013

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