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Weekend Ebook Giveaway: Jez Morrow - Scarlet Blade

Every weekend I will post one ebook to giveaway, and among those who will leave a comment, I will draw a winner. Very easy and very fast ;-) I will send a PM to the winner, so remember to not leave anonymous comments!

This weekend author is Jez Morrow: I am a madam's granddaughter. I live inside a romance novel. I write homoerotic fiction. Scarlet Blade is a swashbuckling romance between a dashing Spanish nobleman and a fallen priest in colonial California.

Scarlet Blade by Jez Morrow
Paperback: 242 pages
Publisher: Torquere Press (November 21, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1610403991
ISBN-13: 978-1610403993
Amazon: Scarlet Blade
Amazon Kindle: Scarlet Blade

1797. On board a ship bound for the New World, the dashing young Spanish nobleman Joaquin de Castille meets a handsome Roman named Tomas.

Joaquin thinks he's been sent to heaven on Earth. But no, this is Hell at sea. Even though Joaquin's desire is returned, the most beautiful being ever to pass before his eyes turns out to be a priest from the Vatican, disgraced and exiled to the farthest possible place from Rome.

For his part, Tomas has fallen in love at first sight with Joaquin, and Tomas isn't allowed to fall in love at all. He just wants one night of passion with this impossibly handsome man before the journey is done.

He gets much more.

There can be no future for the two together on the far shore. Joaquin is headed to his father's vast hacienda in California, while Tomas must go to a Spanish mission in Texas to serve among warring native tribes.

Joaquin knows that landfall will signal the end of all their nights of ecstasy, but he cannot live without Tomas. He cannot let the affair end.

Not ever.

Excerpt from SCARLET BLADE by Jez Morrow

Joaquin took Tomas back in his arms. "You've gone a little mad. Part of you wants to get yourself killed."

"How well you know me." Tomas clung to him. "But I don't want to die. The part that loves you refuses to die. And just so you know -- that part is the whole of me."

Tomas stripped off his robe and pulled his breechcloth free. That left him naked but for the band around his loins and his leather boots.

He'd brought a flask of unblessed oil.

Tomas kept his balance with one hand against an upright post. His other palm reached back to grip and squeeze and feel Joaquin's haunch pumping. Joaquin's thrusts moved rhythmically in and out of Tomas' ass. Tomas grunted with each delicious thrust. He babbled, filled with physical splendor, "Oh. Oh. That is so good."

Joaquin's palms moved on his buttocks with adoring touch. Joaquin's cock slid in and out. Joaquin's voice was a caress. "Tomas, you are so beautiful."

Tomas heard the horse's wicker, but he didn't think anything of it. He couldn't think of anything at all, transported with mounting passion -- his cock in Joaquin's hand, Joaquin's sex inside him. Joaquin's strokes became quick and urgent.

Tomas groaned, reaching back with one hand to feel Joaquin's body riding him. He felt Joaquin's teeth graze his back.

A shadow crossed the sunlight. Tomas blinked through passionate tears at a silhouetted figure in the doorway. He clutched with a feeling of sudden ice on flames, a horror blunted through passion. His desire wouldn't quite die, his body wanting this too badly. And Joaquin wasn't stopping.

Tomas' gaze fixed on a female silhouette in the sunlight rectangle. He couldn't see her features but her shape was unmistakable. Worse and worse and worse, it was Esmeralda.

It was a little late for jerking apart, and Joaquin held his ground. Tomas, trapped, didn't want to go anywhere except evaporate into thin air. Tomas looked away. He looked back, unable to help himself. He blinked at the doorway. There was nothing there now but a rectangle of light.

Joaquin was still moving inside him.

Joaquin's strokes came fast and desperate, building to a blazing peak. He ejaculated. Tomas' thoughts and feelings shattered into a million disconnected pieces with Joaquin coming. Flames gathered in his balls. Tomas climaxed into Joaquin's hand, a fire that would not be denied.

Tomas gasped in torn ecstasy and dizzy horror.

Joaquin stroked Tomas' sides and kissed his back. Done was done. Joaquin's sex slid out of him.

Tomas stood up straight. Joaquin put his arms around him, held him back against his upright body, his nose behind his ear. Joaquin kissed Tomas' nape. One hand stroked Tomas' chest, his abdomen, and his fading erection.

Joaquin could only kiss his beloved at their world's end.

Tomas leaned against him for strength. "We are dead, you know."
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