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Excerpt: A Sunday Kind of Love by Charley Descoteaux

A Sunday Kind Of Love by Charley Descoteaux
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (July 17, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: A Sunday Kind Of Love

Jazz trumpeter Jake McKynnie is living a lonely existence in LA, convinced that's the best he can expect from life. He indulges in a bender to drown thoughts of missing his estranged son's high school graduation, but to his shock, finds the boy on his doorstep the next morning. DJ grew up in a small Oregon town with his mom and stepdad, but now he's come to LA with big dreams of becoming an actor. He's also not above doing a little matchmaking for his lonely father while he's at it.

Jake takes DJ to a friend's salon, where he gets a hairstyle fit for professional headshots. As they leave the salon, however, the observant DJ sends Jake back inside alone to see Mason, the sexy stylist who was checking him out, which leads to a thrilling and memorable encounter.

After their impromptu tryst, Jake can't get Mason's strong hands and hot body out of his mind. And for the first time in years, thanks to his son and Mason, he can actually imagine an exciting future when it comes to his personal life. Yet Mason's hiding something about himself, and his secret could force him to blow town at any time. Will he stick around long enough to replace the ghost of Jake's past?


Jake ducked back into the salon and almost ran into Antonio. “Thanks for taking care of him on such short notice. You’re the best.”

“You’re right about that.” Antonio kissed Jake’s cheek and leaned back to look at him. “And it was no notice, but who’s counting. You okay?”

Jake ran a shaky hand through his own short hair which, if he were completely honest, felt just that side of shaggy. “Will be. Didn’t expect to see him today.”

“If you need someone to talk to you just call me, honey.” Antonio hugged Jake hard for a short moment and then released him and gave him a significant look. “We’ll get coffee.”

“Hope I didn’t tick off your neighbor by monopolizing his chair.”

Antonio grinned so loudly Jake had to turn away.

“I’m sure Mase didn’t mind. You know he gets all drooly over hard-bodied men with tattoos.” He traced the Celtic braid encircling Jake’s left biceps. “And you have tattoos. Mase! Mason, come over here and tell Jake you don’t mind he grabbed your seat.”

Jake watched Mason stalk across the room and pass Antonio going the other way. Antonio must’ve winked or signaled him somehow because Mason’s step turned slinky as soon as he saw past him to Jake. Mason looked hot all in black, leather pants and a sleeveless shirt that wasn’t quite see-through. He could’ve lost the leather bands around his biceps as far as Jake was concerned, but that was the only fault he could find without more time.

“I don’t remember you grabbing anything.” Mason shamelessly looked Jake over.

They’d met before but Jake didn’t think the other man remembered him from the jazz club. Jake could name the month Mason had started at the salon, but for no reason he wanted to name he’d kept his distance.

Jake shook his head slowly and started walking toward the hall without thinking about it.

“Refresh my memory.” Mason took Jake’s hand and pulled him down the short hallway to the Men’s Room. Just inside the door he turned and pressed Jake against the wall, trapping him there with his body. His mouth began to work on Jake’s neck as his hands kneaded the muscles in his arms and shoulders. “You can grab my hair while you’re fucking my face.”

Jake slipped his hands up under the soft and filmy fabric of Mason’s shirt and gasped as he found a rock-hard six-pack. Mason looked up, and when Jake told him with a quick gesture there’d be no kissing, Mason’s lips returned to Jake’s neck without missing a beat. Jake kept one hand on the compact torso in front of him and the other grabbed a handful of leather pants, pulling their crotches tightly together. His mouth found the crook of Mason’s neck and they both moaned into the other’s skin as their hips moved in rhythm to the rushing of Jake’s blood. Jake moved his fingers along Mason’s tight ass crack, and Mason shivered. Then Mason was sliding down the length of Jake’s body, gracefully moving to his knees on the immaculate white tile floor, opening Jake’s pants as he went.

Mason whistled softly when he released Jake’s cock from his jeans, then slowly ran his tongue around the crown, moaning as he did.

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