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Charlie David (born August 9, 1980)

Since I browse quite a lot on the net, and I have my notorious lists on Amazon, at one point I started to find this title, "Mulligans", practically every time I did a research. I first found it as a movie, and since it seemed interesting, I ordered the movie. Then I discovered that there was also a book with the same title, the adaptation from the movie, and I put it on my Wish List. So whenI received an email from a certain Charlie David, asking me if I was willing to list his coming soon book in my Manlove & Sport list, I said, "sure", I already had in mind to do that anyway and I bought also the book (I prefer to read the books I promote... silly me ;-) ).

As all you know, I'm Italian, so the name "Charlie David" didn't ring any bell in my brain, I thought he was a newbie author who was nice enough to write to me to present himself. And so, when I started to browse his name (I always do that with new author I have in mind to read), and found who really was Charlie David, I was in awe, I couldn't believe that someone like him had written to me. Charlie is a good actor, with some important movie to his credit, and he is also a producer and now a writer. In his private life he is also a very kind man, and when I told him that I would have liked to post about him, he was happy of the idea, and he replied to my email even if he was in Greece for his travel show (Bump!) and with limited internet connection. He also said that my LiveJournal "looks wonderful", and saying that he won my heart since if you complimented my "baby" you will always be in my "Nice" list. So I know he will read this post, but maybe not so soon, probably in this moment he is basking under the Greece sun!

Charles David Lubiniecki (born August 9, 1980), better known as Charlie David, is a Canadian actor, writer, director and producer, best known for the male lead in the LGBT horror series Dante's Cove. He has also worked as a TV host on a number of shows like F.Y.E!, SpyTV, Bump! and Crash Test Mommy. He is co-owner, alongside Derek James and Linda Carter of Border2Border Entertainment, a production house of film and television projects.

Charlie David was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and raised in Yorkton. His family is of Polish origin. During high school, David performed in the musical group Sask Express. In 2000, he graduated from the Canadian College of Performing Arts, Victoria, British Columbia.

He then moved on to co-found the boy band 4Now, in which he played piano. The band performed around Canada and the United States and opened for acts including Destiny's Child, The Black Eyed Peas and Pink. The band released two recordings before going their separate ways. Derek James, later to play opposite David in the film Mulligans, was also in the band.

David later turned his attention to hosting and acting. He hosted for E! Television, NBC, OUTtv, here! TV, Pink TV, EGO, and Life Network on such shows as F.Y.E! in 2002, SpyTV in 2001, Bump! in 2005-2012 and Crash Test Mommy in 2004-2005.

He appeared in the mini-series Terminal City in 2005 and received second billing in the gay movie A Four Letter Word (2007) and Kiss the Bride (2008).

David took on heartthrob status when he played Toby in Dante's Cove a gothic styled tv mini series which ran for three seasons from 2005 - 2007. The series has developed its own cult following and still has a strong and universal following among an ever growing fan base who hope in vain for a fourth season.

David played the lead character of Toby in the LGBT horror series Dante's Cove. His character was portrayed in a monogamous and loving relationship with boyfriend Kevin (Gregory Michael). David said in an interview, "What was attractive [about the role] was for me to portray a gay relationship, in which it's not always a different guy every night. Many gays and lesbians do pursue—and have—loving relationships in which we are very committed to each other. I think that is what Toby brings to the show. He is kind of a voice of reason, and has a definite dedication to his boyfriend."

David has consciously chosen to be "out" as a gay man in his personal life and career. He feels that "it’s a unique gift and perspective on the world" and one of his personal mantras is to "create visibility for LGBT people in the media". Although happy to play both gay and straight roles, the exploration of gay themes are continuously reflected in his projects, be it his novels, documentaries or movies.

David wrote the novel and screenplay and starred in the film Mulligans, which had its premiere at the InsideOut LGBT Film Festival in Toronto in May 2007. Mulligans explores the theme of what happens to individuals and their families when a young man and his friend's father "come out". Sensitively written, the piece showed literary ability and David's focus on gay themes, in this case, helping to promote an understanding of what happens when gays do not reveal themselves to be who they really are. For him personally "Being in the closet is way too much energy and deceit – both for the individual and the people who must lie for them."

David starred in the independent film Judas Kiss. David played the role of Zachary Wells, a washed-up filmmaker who returns to his peculiar alma mater, where he meets his younger self and gets the chance to change his troubled past so he can avoid a disturbing future.

In 2012/13, David moved behind the camera to produce two documentaries, "I'm A Stripper" which he also wrote and directed and as "Positive Youth" about young people living with HIV. "We made this documentary to educate those who know little of HIV, shed light on the rise of infection among today’s youth, give hope to people living with HIV and let them know that they are not alone, ” said David. "Overall I see myself as a storyteller. Whether I attribute that to writing my books, or if I’m on E! hosting Bump, or acting, or if I’m directing or producing something, those are all different means and avenues to experience being able to express the human condition."

David has narrated the audiobooks for his works as well as for other writers such as Damon Suede (Hot Head), D.W. Marchwell (Falling), Eric Arvin (Simple Men and Woke Up in a Strange Place), TJ Klune (Who We Are) and Cardeno C (Wake Me Up Inside).

In addition to the movies he has been in, David is of a literary bent. Apart from Mulligans, Charlie has also published the novel Boy Midflight and Shadowlands, a compendium of short stories. To date his most unique work, Shadowlands is "Charlie David's celebrated collection of short stories exploring the heartfelt, and sometimes heartbreaking passion and pain of gay sexuality. Ancient myths are re-imagined with an exciting queer twist masterfully depicting the charged, fragile relationships of urban life today."

Charlie David was honored by Out Magazine as one of the "Out 100" for Remarkable Contributions to Gay Culture in 2005.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_David

Further Readings:

Mulligans by Charlie David
Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Palari Publishing (May 25, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1928662196
ISBN-13: 978-1928662198
Amazon: Mulligans
Amazon Kindle: Mulligans

Based on the film of the same name, Mulligans is a novel about a poignant family drama with a twist. Tyler, a straight college jock, brings his best friend Chase home to stay with his family for summer vacation. The Davidson family welcomes Chase with open arms, but as the summer progresses, so does an unexpected attraction. Stacey, Tyler's Mom, tries to hold on to her family while Tyler's Dad Nathan struggles with his long-suppressed sexuality.

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