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Dave Catney (1961 - August 11, 1994)

Dave Catney was a jazz pianist who was named 1993 Jazz Artist of the Year by the Houston Jazz Festival.

Houston, Texas-based Dave Catney was one of the most gifted pianists in jazz history. Along with superb compositions and recordings, Dave left an indelible mark upon the jazz scene by transforming Cezanne, a Houston piano bar, into one of the finest jazz clubs in the country, where one could regularly hear some of the greatest jazz talent on the planet.

Well on his way to becoming one of the household names in jazz piano, Dave negotiated a diagnosis of AIDS with strength, dignity and grace, remaining intensely vital and productive until his death in 1994 at the age of 33. His unique achievements and generous spirit continue to inspire a large number of friends, musicians and fans.

Dave's music is still available through Amazon.com and elsewhere.

Source: http://davecatney.org/

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