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Legion by Rider Jacobs

The BDSM fantasy novel with an Angels/Demons setting is quite common, I think there is probably some fandom out there I’m not aware of, but it’s producing quite a few of these romances. Here the author tried to be more original, and instead of reusing the ordinary characters of Lucifer and his companions, she basically created a parallel universe, mixing I believe Christian myths with those of the Ancient Greece, Zeus and co.

So here we have Legion, the Dark Prince, who reigns over 9 realms, he occupied after fighting over the evil ruler Magda (they seem to be linked to the Hell or the realm of Hade); he is second son of Dante, the Celestial King, who upon dying left the real to Adoni, Legion’s older brother who is now reigning over 20 realms. Legion and Adoni don’t really go well along but they barely tolerate each other for the love of their mother Inanna. Dante’s former, and true love, was Nico, who was banished to the realm of the human beings, even if he is immortal, and he is now living as a sexual slave to a warlock. Nico summons Legion, not knowing he is the son of his former lover.

Another nice aspect of the story was the dark humor, the author managed a mood in the story that was a mix of dark fantasy and comedy, not easy to balance together, but I think she did a good job. Even if most of the events were quite dramatic and bloody, there was always the light mood that dissolved the whole.

What was probably a little too much for me, but that is my personal taste, is when the BDSM play bordered almost into torture, I still don’t understand the appeal of pain mixed with pleasure, especially when it’s detached from love, like in the case of Nico with his master.

Amazon Kindle: Legion
Publisher: MLR Press

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