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Inseparable by Chris Scully

Very classical seasonal romance with a bromance subtheme. Adam awakes in an hospital bed with a caring boyfriend by his side, Joe. He is in pain, but the soothing presence of Joe is helping a lot, and Adam thinks how lucky he is to have such an handsome and caring man by his side. The problem is Adam doesn’t remember Joe and he doesn’t remember anything else of his past life. Doctors are confident the memory will be back and Adam doesn’t worry too much. But as soon as Joe brings him home, their home, Adam finds out he is not Joe’s boyfriend, but his best friend since forever. They are not together and moreover Adam is straight, and with a girlfriend, while Joe is gay and single. But why Adam feels like he is in love with Joe, and why Joe is protective of Adam to a level that it seems almost jealousy?

The story is simple, sweet and cute. No much drama, just an happy and welcoming family and two “stupid” guys who need just to sit down and talk to each other. From this point of view, it was right, Adam and Joe, even if pushing thirty, are basically still boys who have barely left the safe shelter of their home (and with home I mean Joe’s family who “adopted” Adam when he was still a teenager; it’s not a legal adoption, but Adam, being Joe’s best friend, was more at Joe’s home than his own). When they started to move from the young adult to the adult world, and the instinct of having a relationship and building an home started to make their appearance, both Joe than Adam feared ruining their bromance if they gave a try to moving it to something different. But now it’s time to let those fears go away, now it’s time to spread the wings and fly.

Amazon Kindle: Inseparable
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 30, 2012)

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Tags: author: chris scully, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: friends benefits, theme: seasonal romance

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