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2013 Rainbow Awards Submission: Angela Peach - In Reflection

In Reflection by Angela Peach
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Amazon Kindle: In Reflection

"My name is Aoife, and I want to tell you my story. It's not a love story, although there is love in it.
This is the story of how I found my inner self...and how she then took over my life.
Think you know your self? Think again."

When Aoife Carmichael is spiked with an hallucinogenic drug at a party, she suddenly finds she didn't know herself as well as she thought. After her 'reflection' convinces her to swap places, Aoife realises she is trapped inside her own body and unable to control anything she says or does. All she can do is watch as her darker self seems intent on destroying everything and everyone she cares about.
Only her best friend, Sarah, seems to sense something is wrong, but when Aoife sets about seducing her, it's clear she has other plans for her. Darker plans.
Will Aoife figure out how to swap back before there is nothing left in her life, or will she be trapped inside her own head forever?

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