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2013 Rainbow Awards Submission: Trin Denise - Listen to Her Heart

Listen To Her Heart by Trin Denise
Paperback: 418 pages
Publisher: Ragz Books U.S.A. (November 30, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1938988000
ISBN-13: 978-1938988004
Amazon: Listen To Her Heart
Amazon Kindle: Listen To Her Heart

Two women who live very different lives meet due to unforeseeable circumstances, only to discover they were brought together because it was their destiny! Yalen Martinez is ex-CIA and a bestselling author of lesbian fiction with fans all over the globe, yet she is alone. Since the breakup of her ten-year relationship two years ago, no one special has been in her life. After countless attempts by her two best friends to set her up on blind dates, she decides to use the internet to meet women because she thinks it’s safe and she can do it anonymously. She joins a lesbian dating site where she meets Emily only to learn that Emily has sent her a fake photo of herself, she’s running an online dating scam, and Yalen is the latest victim. Yalen, though disappointed, becomes obsessed with exposing the con artist as well as finding out who the woman in the picture really is and she’s willing to go to any length to get the information. Armed with the woman’s name and address, Yalen boards a flight to Tennessee with no thought on how she plans to approach the woman in the photo: Briana Latham, a former Victoria’s Secret model. Yalen decides to just wing it and hope like hell that the woman doesn’t think she’s a psycho head-case and when they finally meet, the sparks fly. Determined to get to the bottom of the online dating mystery and against her better judgment, Yalen and Briana set out on a suspenseful, tension-filled adventure that will take them to New Camden Town, England. By the time it’s all over, they will risk their lives confronting the leaders of a multimillion-dollar, underworld Russian Mafia syndicate that specializes in human sex trafficking, computer viruses, and on-line dating scams—it’s a world where murder isn’t that big of a deal and true love really knows no boundaries.

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