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Tommy Nutter (April 17, 1943 - August 17, 1992)

Tommy Nutter (17 April 1943– 17 August 1992), was a British tailor, famous for reinventing the Savile Row suit in the 1960s.

Born in Barmouth, Merioneth, he was raised in Edgware, Middlesex, where his father owned a local High Street Cafe. After the family moved to Kilburn, Nutter and his brother David attended Willesden Technical College. Nutter initially studied plumbing, and then architecture, but he abandoned both aged 19 to study tailoring at the Tailor and Cutter Academy.

In the early 1960s he joined traditional tailors Donaldson, Williamson & Ward. After seven years, in 1969, he joined up with Edward Sexton, to open Nutters of Savile Row at No 35a Savile Row. They were financially backed by Cilla Black and her husband Bobby Willis, Managing Director of the Beatles' Apple Corps Peter Brown, and lawyer James Vallance-White.

The business was an immediate success, as Nutter combined traditional tailoring skills with innovative design. He designed for the Hardy Amies range, and then for the man himself. His clients included his investors, plus Sir Roy Strong, Mick Jagger, Bianca Jagger and Elton John. Nutter himself was most proud of the fact that, for the cover of The Beatles' album Abbey Road in 1969, he dressed three out of the four: George Harrison elected to be photographed on the road-crossing in denims.

1969, Trouser suit. Jill Ritblat,who was already devoted to Yves Saint Laurent's unisex style and 'le smoking' discovered that Tommy Nutter would provide her with man's-style tailored suits with dandified overtones. She wore this adventurous three-piece only in the evenings, with navy patent moccasins by Charles Jourdan. An interplay of checked and plain worsted,the suit has a single-breasted jacket,straight-cut trousers and a fitted waistcoat. Yves Saint Laurent's silk blouse with stock-like neck tie provided the final flourish. Given by Mrs Jill Ritblat. Exhibition: Sixties Fashion (V&A 06/06/2006-25/02/2007); The Cutting Edge: 50 Years of British Fashion 1947-1997 (V&A 06/03/1997-27/07/1997)

AIDS Quilt

1969, Suit. In the late 1960s Tommy Nutter revolutionised menswear tailoring by introducing high fashion to Savile Row. Nutter was known for his wildly broad lapels and unusual interpretations of traditional suiting fabrics. He combines both in this bespoke suit from 1969, designed in his first year of business. Given by Mrs Jane Annakin.

1973, Suit. Cream wool three-piece suit comprising jacket, waistcoat and trousers. Given by Mr R.W. Webb.

1983, Single-breasted suit. This suit was worn by the theatrical designer Anthony Powell. It is a good example of innovative design by Tommy Nutter. By placing the pinstripes horizontally rather than vertically, he has used classic tailoring methods and fabrics in new and imaginative ways. The tie and shirt, also by Tommy Nutter, are reminiscent of 19th- and early 20th-century styles. Given by the designer. Exhibition: The Cutting Edge: 50 Years of British Fashion 1947-1997 (V&A 01/01/1997-31/12/1997

In the 1970s his bespoke business became less successful, but he branched out into ready to wear clothing, marketed through Austin Reed. He also successfully expanded into East Asia, establishing the Savile Row brand in Japan. In 1976 Sexton bought Nutter out of the Business. Nutter went to work for Kilgour French and Stanbury, managing his own workroom. Sexton continued to run Nutters of Savile Row until 1983, when Nutter returned to the row with a ready to wear shop: "Tommy Nutter, Savile Row". (This new venture, which traded at No 19 Savile Row until Tommy's death, was backed by J&J Crombie Limited, who continue to own the "Tommy Nutter" trademark.) At this time, Sexton set up a business in his own name.

In the 1980s, he described his suits as a "cross between the big-shouldered Miami Vice look and the authentic Savile Row." He created the clothing of The Joker worn by Jack Nicholson in the 1989 film Batman.

Nutter died in 1992 at the Cromwell Hospital in London of complications from AIDS.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Nutter

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