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Statistics (I love them...)

Do you know I have also a website? other than my Livejournal (http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/) and my Dreamwidth (http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/), I have also a website (http://www.elisarolle.com/). It's a paid account on a server, and when I opened it, years ago, I activated the statistics, but I basically forgot about them until recently.

The reason why I decided to look at them is that I noticed an "interest" on my various websites/accounts, people asking to post advertisements, my Livejournal ranking (at today) 44 on, listen listen, more than 26 million journals; a notice from Goodreads that I was on the 1% best reviewers, but that 1% counted like thousands of people, until I actually went and saw that on the (world) Top Reviewers list I'm n° 15; and of course I'm still on the Top1000 Reviewers list on Amazon.

So I decided to collect all my statistics, Livejournal gives you the stats if you have a paid account, you can activate Google Analytics on Dreamwidth and I have the native statistics on the server hosting my website. I decided to post the result cause, well, I found out that in June I reached quite an awesome, and unexpected, target, something that I still am looking and looking with awe, more than 300.000 visit per month! meaning more than 10.000 visit per day! O_O really, I'm still in shock!

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