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2013 Rainbow Awards Submission: Trin Denise - Red Hot Stone Cold, Backcountry, A Christmas Day...

Red Hot Stone Cold by Trin Denise
Publisher: Ragz Books USA; First edition (March 11, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: Red Hot Stone Cold

Danica James is a world-renowned oil painter and she is happy to stay in the background when it comes to gallery showings of her work. She loves her anonymity and the only peace she finds in life is high up in the mountains at her cabin in West Virginia, with her dog Sammie.

However, Danica’s utopian life comes to a screeching halt when she rescues Heather Ransen, a car accident victim. To complicate matters, Heather who was caught in a terrible snowstorm has retrograde amnesia because of the accident and has no recollection of the cheating lover she was on her way to confront.

Will Danica put her fears aside to pursue a love that has always eluded her? Will Heather’s worst nightmare result in the ultimate love she has always longed for?

Only time has the answers to all of these unanswered questions.

Backcountry (The Campground Murder Mysteries) by Trin Denise
Publisher: Ragz Books USA; 1 edition (August 8, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: Backcountry (The Campground Murder Mysteries)

Thirty-eight year old, workaholic, power defense attorney Lyndsey Carlisle is stressed to the max and … hopelessly single.

After years of defending some of the most notorious scum of the earth, she reaches her breaking point, and decides to take some time off. She gets her old backpacking gear out of the attic, fills her gas tank, and along with her mixed mutt Sadie, heads to Natural Bridge, Kentucky, leaving all ties to society behind her. With no laptop or cell phone, she picks up a backcountry permit and hits the trails.

Brae Colson has lived in Natural Bridge all her life. She knows the area better than the back of her hand. After coming home to an empty house and a “Dear Jane” letter from her lover of five years, she packs up her gear, and heads for the woods.

A little down time is all Lyndsey is looking for, some time alone where she can re-evaluate her life, her career, and lack of a relationship but after only one day on the trail, she makes a novice mistake and ends up at the bottom of a twenty-foot cliff. With a severely sprained ankle and no way to call for help, she’s on the verge of panicking and suddenly finds herself looking up into the eyes of an angel standing next to Sadie.

When Brae sees Lyndsey at the bottom of the cliff, she inwardly groans and comes within a hair’s inch of turning and leaving. She came to get away from women, all women and the last thing she wants is to be burdened down by one, an injured one at that.

Will sparks fly between these two stubborn women who are polar opposites or will they go their separate ways because neither believes they are worthy of the “Happily Ever After”? Only time will tell!

A Christmas Day To Remember by Trin Denise
Publisher: Ragz Books USA (December 22, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: A Christmas Day To Remember

Thirty-two year old Kristen Mitchell has a decade long tradition. Two to three days before Christmas, she goes on a shopping excursion. This year, her trip will be on a passenger train full of beautiful Lesbians. Some single, some, not so much.

When she meets the seductively gorgeous Aeden Stamos at the on-board Christmas party, it’s not long before Kristen realizes she is in big trouble. In spite of warning bells, Kristen is unable to resist the attraction and the next twenty-four hours on the train, along with a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride in Chicago, will be the best of her life.

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