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Patric Michael (November 2, ? - August 23, 2012)

Born during one of the worst fires in L.A. history, PATRIC MICHAEL escaped to the foothills of the Cascade Range where the world is a lot more green, even in summer.

His wide-ranging and varied career, from ship building to making special effects movie props, has given him enough material for a lifetime of stories.

He constantly reinvented himself with each new thing he created. He was a writer of what he loved to read, but only when he could convince the cat that his keyboard wasn't the only place in the house to sleep.

During his long and painful struggle with cancer the one thing that Patric always requested was that people treated him just as a normal guy. I heard from James Buchanan that Patric passed away, and it's with a lot of heartache that I post this. I didn't know him very well, but I unfortunately had experience with cancer, and it's always painful to hear about someone who lost his fight against this evil illness.

Patric’s friends put together an anthology, edited by Kris Jacen, Wishing on a Blue Star, a joint undertaking between Dreamspinner and MLR Press that is going to be his memorial.

Further Readings:

Conway's Curse by Patric Michael
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 2, 2010)
Amazon Kindle: Conway's Curse

It's while walking along a quiet road that Tion and Kail unexpectedly collide with Conway, a misguided man on a quest to resolve a potentially terrible truth: he's cursed with bad luck—bad luck that transfers to Tion and Kail in a most unexpected and inconvenient way!

Now they must aid Conway on his quest. Along the way, they'll meet duped villagers, a frighteningly ravenous "woof," and their only hope for salvation: a reluctant warrior wizard named Wylde who may be able to bring the trio, and himself, to an extraordinary happy ending.

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