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Retro-release Ebook & Print Giveaway: Kirby Crow - Scarlet and the White Wolf

August 2013 marks the 5th anniversary of Scarlet and the White Wolf in print and the 7th year since its ebook premiere. Kirby Crow is kindly giving away all 3 ebooks in the series to a lucky winner, plus she is including an autographed print copy of the first book for one person. And Scarlet and the White Wolf is also in my Top Gay Novels List, so this is a chance you don't want to miss to win an awesome book.

Among those who will leave a comment, I will draw a winner. Very easy and very fast ;-) I will send a PM to the winner, so remember to not leave anonymous comments! Moreover, if you are in for the print copy, please be aware you will have to provide a physical mail address once I will privately contact you.

And the signed print copy goes to: Amara, the 3 ebooks go to: Patricia Nelson

About Kirby Crow: Kirby Crow writes an astonishing range of genre fiction, focusing lately on New Adult Fantasy and Dark Paranormal stories. She worked as an entertainment editor and ghostwriter for several years before happily giving it up to bake, read yaoi, play video games, and write her own novels.

These days, when she isn't writing, slaying Mirkwood orcs, or flying a battleship for the glory of the Amarr Empire, Kirby writes game code and works to perfect her digital art skills.

Kirby is a 2010 winner of the Epic Award and a two-time winner of the Rainbow Award for her published works in fiction. She is the author of the bestselling "Scarlet and the White Wolf" series of New Adult fantasy novels.

Scarlet and the White Wolf by Kirby Crow
Series: Scarlet and the White Wolf
Paperback: 244 pages
Publisher: Torquere Press (October 31, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1603704884
ISBN-13: 978-1603704885
Amazon: Scarlet and the White Wolf
Amazon Kindle: Scarlet and the White Wolf

Scarlet of Lysia is an honest peddler, a young merchant traveling the wild, undefended roads to support his aging parents. Liall, called the Wolf of Omara, is the handsome, world-weary chieftain of a tribe of bandits blocking a mountain road that Scarlet needs to cross. When Liall jokingly demands a carnal toll for the privilege, Scarlet refuses and an inventive battle of wills ensues, with disastrous results. Scarlet is convinced that Liall is a worthless, immoral rogue, but when the hostile countryside explodes into violence and Liall unexpectedly fights to save the lives of Scarlet's family, Scarlet is forced to admit that the Wolf is not the worst ally he could have, but what price will proud Scarlet ultimately have to pay for Liall's friendship?

Mariner's Luck: Scarlet and the White Wolf: Book 2 by Kirby Crow
Series: Scarlet and the White Wolf
Paperback: 212 pages
Publisher: Torquere Press (October 30, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1603704914
ISBN-13: 978-1603704915
Amazon: Mariner's Luck: Scarlet and the White Wolf: Book 2
Amazon Kindle: Mariner's Luck: Scarlet and the White Wolf: Book 2

In this second book of the Scarlet and the White Wolf trilogy, Scarlet the pedlar and Liall the bandit find themselves among hostile company aboard a Rshani brigantine headed north through icy waters. Liall has been summoned home to Rshan na Ostre by way of a cryptic message. Scarlet, after a near-fatal encounter with bounty-hunters seeking Liall's head, recklessly follows Liall into danger. Now the unlikely pair -a slight, honorable Hilurin and a giant northern rogue- are relentlessly pursued over rough seas on a perilous journey for Liall to reclaim his past, but what new dangers will await them in the fabled Land of Night?

Land of Night: Scarlet and the White Wolf Book 3 by Kirby Crow
Series: Scarlet and the White Wolf
Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Torquere Press (October 31, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1603704930
ISBN-13: 978-1603704939
Amazon: Land of Night: Scarlet and the White Wolf Book 3
Amazon Kindle: Land of Night: Scarlet and the White Wolf Book 3

Struggling to come to terms with his new life in Rshan na Ostre, young Scarlet is trying to find his place in a decadent, foreign society that bears an ancient hatred for all Hilurin. As Liall is pulled away from Scarlet and into the jaded intrigues of a royal court, the young pedlar wonders if they’ve made a terrible mistake in journeying to Rshan. Each passing day, Liall seems more like a stranger, more like one of the haughty Rshani nobility and less like the bandit leader Scarlet knew in Byzantur. As Liall contends with the aristocracy to uphold his fourteen-year-old brother's claim to the throne, an infinitely more dangerous enemy draws nearer, determined to part the lovers forever.

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