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GayRomLit Ebook Giveaway: Geoffrey Knight - Nude Surfing

I asked to all the authors joining the GayRomLit convention in Atlanta in October (http://gayromlit.com/grl-authors) a personal favor, a special Ebook Giveaway: everyday I will post 1 book from each author, and among those who will leave a comment, I will draw a winner. Very easy and very fast ;-) I will send a PM to the winner, so remember to not leave anonymous comments!

And the ebook giveaway goes to gisu29

Today author is Geoffrey Knight: From palace-hopping across the Rajasthan Desert to sleeping in train stations in Bulgaria, from spinning prayer-wheels in Kathmandu to exploring the skull-gated graveyards of the indigenous Balinese tribes, Geoffrey Knight has been a traveller ever since he could scrape together enough money to buy a plane ticket. Born in Melbourne but raised and educated in countless cities and towns across Australia, Geoffrey was a nomadic boy who grew into a nomadic gay writer. When he’s not travelling the world, Geoffrey is travelling the world of his imagination—where the adventures, thrills and romance are limitless. His gay novels, novellas and short stories include: The Cross of Sins, The Riddle of the Sands, The Curse of the Dragon God, To Catch a Fox (co-written with Ethan Day), Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid, The Pearl Trilogy, The Boy from Brighton, Nude Surfing, Hotel Pens, Paperboy, Boy Scout, Harm's Way, Drive Shaft, Drive Shaft 2: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Under the Bridge, The Gentlemen's Parlor: Room of Chains, and the Non-Fiction work Why Straight Women Love Gay Romance edited by Kris Jacen. His work also features in several anthologies including Best Gay Erotica 2013 edited by Richard LaBonte. He currently owns his own advertising and design agency which he runs from his island home on the Great Barrier Reef, and can't wait to buy his next plane ticket—whether it’s real or imaginary.
Most recent title : Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid
Publishers: Dreamspinner Press, MLR Press, Stiff Rain Press, Storm Moon Press, Whiskey Creek Torrid, Wilde City Press

Nude Surfing by Geoffrey Knight
Publisher: MLR Press (January 25, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: Nude Surfing

Clancy Wade didn't plan on taking off for the Australia Day long weekend, but after waking up naked in the bed of his best mate Johnno, Clance panics, packs up his surfboard and his faithful dog Bluey, and heads north in an attempt to straighten himself out. But at a remote beach on the New South Wales north coast, Clance meets Brazilian traveller Danilo, an open-minded, free-spirited surfer who's about to teach Clance that sometimes in order to find yourself... you just have to let it all hang out.

Kindly offered by MLR Press

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