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Working Stiff (Zach and Josh's Love Affair) by Sara York

For a short story I thought both characters, but especially Josh, were well developed. The first scene, with Josh leaving New York and mourning the loss of his house was so sad, but so good to put the reader in Josh’s shoes; also the following travel back to Texas, all Josh’s life stowed in the trunk of his car, just a step before living on the streets, and that step is Josh’s father home, an homophobic father who will never accept Josh being gay. And then the first day at his new construction job, Josh meets Zach, a man who can be his dream man.

The story has the potential of being much more, and considering the subtitle Zach and Josh’s Love Affair, I have the feeling the author is indeed planning more for these two. Considering the preamble, I think it will be good to see them again.

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