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Love Is In The Hallways by R.J. Scott

Considering I liked a lot the previous one, Love Is in the Title, there is no wonder I liked also this one; again, despite this being a short story, the feeling was of something bigger, of a whole novel concentrated in little more than 40 pages.

On the contrary of many coming of age stories, Love is in the Hallways is not a pink glasses/fairy tale perspective, there isn’t roses falling down around Luke and Cameron, and fellow students cheering at them like the next homecoming couple, there is instead ostracism from the usual suspects, and friendship from who was already best friend. Luke and Cameron don’t have an easy path in front of them, but high school is only a stage, college could be better and most important, they have the support of good friends and above all family. Happiness is possible and it’s just around the corner.

Amazon Kindle: Love Is In The Hallways
Publisher: RJ Scott (August 26, 2011)

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2) Love is in the Hallways

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