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Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan (born 1952) is the Creative Ambassador-at-Large of the New York City-based clothing store Barneys.

Doonan comes from the English town of Reading. His first retail job was a summer position at Heelas, a department store in Reading, owned by the John Lewis Partnership. After returning to work at the same store after university, he first got involved in the art of window dressing. He later left Reading for London and dressed windows at Aquascutum before moving to Nutters of Savile Row.

Invited to dress his windows by the proprietor of Maxfield, a department store in Los Angeles, Doonan moved to the United States in 1978. He joined the Barneys staff in 1986 as a window dresser.

In addition to his work at Barneys, he writes a column on style for Slate. Previously, he wrote a similar column for The New York Observer.

In his book, Eccentric Glamour, he decried porno chic in Western society in general. Interviewed for an article for the New York Daily News, he said, "There are two horribly worrying trends! Celebrities are becoming so gun-shy that there is no diversity, no sense of fun on the red carpet. There's no experimentation — which is incredibly important to fashion." On "porno chic," (the second trend) he said, "Imagine if you said to people 20 years ago that, in 2008, a significant number of women would be going around dressing like porno stars with fake hooters and butt cracks showing? No one would have believed you."

Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan with their Norwich Terrier Liberace, Lagerfeld exibition, Givenchy, 2006
Simon Doonan is the Creative Ambassador-at-Large of the NYC-based clothing store Barneys. In September 2008, he married his partner of 14 years, designer Jonathan Adler, in California. Doonan and Adler live in New York City with their Norwich Terrier, Liberace. Jonathan Adler is an iconic potter, designer, author, & personality. Adler launched his first ceramic collection in 1993 at Barneys New York. 5 years years later he expanded into home furnishings, opening his first boutique in Manhattan.

In September 2008, he married his partner of 14 years, designer Jonathan Adler, in California. Doonan and Adler live in New York City with their Norwich Terrier, Liberace.

Doonan has made appearances on VH1's I Love the series, offering social commentary on each decade. He has also been a guest star on America's Next Top Model season 2, 3, and 5 to teach the models about style. Doonan has appeared on Bravo's Fashion Hunters to authenticate an Issey Miyake piece. Doonan's memoir Beautiful People has been adapted for TV and began airing on BBC Two in the UK on 2 October 2008 as Beautiful People. For The Moth podcast, he read "Fear of Squat" from his memoir. Doonan appeared as a judge on Iron Chef America for Battle Sparkling Wine. In Gossip Girl's fifth season (third episode: "The Jewel of Denial"), he escorted Blair Waldorf on Jenny Packham's show. Doonan used to dress up as the UK's Queen Elizabeth II, and impersonate her at public appearances, and has written about being born in the same year as Elizabeth's accession to the throne (1952) and his affinity with Elizabeth's pet name, "Brenda".

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Doonan

Jonathan Adler (born in 1966 in New Jersey, United States) is an iconic potter, designer, author, and personality. Adler launched his first ceramic collection in 1993 at Barneys New York. Five years years later he expanded into home furnishings, opening his first namesake boutique in Manhattan.

Jonathan Adler now has nineteen stores worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, and a wholesale business boasting over 1,000 locations worldwide. While remaining committed to ceramic design, Jonathan has now grown far beyond the potter’s wheel to become an internationally recognized design brand offering decorative objects, tabletop collections, bedding, bath accessories, gifts, candles, furniture, rugs, pillows, lighting, and most recently handbags. Adler is dedicated to bringing style, craft and positivity to your home.

Jonathan’s creativity is fueled by various sources of inspiration: Mid-century modern, art and global pop culture combine to create the signature Adler aesthetic. The company prides itself on its ability to combine a serious design philosophy with a colorful sense of optimism. The guiding motto, "If your heirs won't fight over it, we won't make it," reflects Jonathan’s commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and irreverent luxury.

In addition to designing furniture and product, Jonathan has collaborated with many notable brands. In 2004, Jonathan redesigned the iconic California hotel, The Parker Palm Springs. In 2009, Mattel called upon Jonathan to design the modern-glam interiors for the “real” Barbie™ Dream House in celebration of Barbie’s 50th anniversary. He designed Starbucks 2010 (RED)™ card and mug which directly benefits The Global Fund, and most recently Jonathan was selected as LACOSTE’s 6th Annual Collectors series artist, debuting Holiday 2011.

Jonathan is the author of three books, My Prescription for Anti-Depressive living and part of the Happy Chic Book series, Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors and Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessories. Jonathan’s third book in the series 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life will be published in November 2012.

An author and design expert with appearances on news and information programs, Adler was the lead judge on the Bravo TV series Top Design and a frequent presenter at design fairs and university seminars.

Jonathan graduated from Tower Hill School in Wilmington, Delaware and studied semiotics and art history at Brown University.

An advocate for gay rights, Adler has publicly expressed his support for gay marriage.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Adler

Further Readings:

Beautiful People: My Family and Other Glamorous Varmints by Simon Doonan
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (April 14, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0743267052
ISBN-13: 978-0743267052
Amazon: Beautiful People: My Family and Other Glamorous Varmints

A wickedly funny memoir with echoes of David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs, Beautiful People (originally published in hardcover as Nasty) is now a BBC comedy hit series from the producer of Ab Fab and The Office.
Proclaimed "the most brilliant, brash thing in type" by Liz Smith, Simon Doonan's saucy prose has established him as an emerging star among literary humorists. In this break-through memoir, reminiscent of both Sedaris and Burroughs, he revisits the landscape of his youth, and displays the irresistible charm that earned him his dedicated audience.

Long before he became a celebrity in his own right--as the author of best-selling books, as the style arbiter of VH1 and America's Top Model, and the marketing genius behind Barney's New York--Simon Doonan was a "scabby knee'd troll" in Reading, England. In Beautiful People, Doonan returns to the working-class neighborhood of his youth, and chronicles the misadventures of the Doonan clan in all their wacky glory. Readers meet his mother Betty, whose gravity-defying, peroxide hairdo signified her natural glamour; his father Terry, an amateur vintner who turned parsnips into the legendary Chateau Doonan; his grandfather D.C., a hard-drinking betting man who plotted to win his fortune by turning Simon into a jockey; and his demented grandma Narg and schizophrenic Uncle Ken, both of whom lived upstairs.

Fearing he would fall victim to the insanity that runs in his family, or, worse, the banality of suburban life, Doonan decamps with his flamboyant best-friend Biddie to London, where they hope to find the Beautiful People, that elusive clan who luxuriate on floor pillows and amuse each other with bon mots. Throughout the memoir--in essays about family holidays, the tart who lived next door, his first job--Doonan continues his bumbling pursuit of the fabulous life, only to learn, in the end, that perhaps the Beautiful People were the ones he left behind.

Gay Men Don't Get Fat by Simon Doonan
Reading level: Ages 18 and up
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Plume (October 30, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0452298539
ISBN-13: 978-0452298538
Amazon: Gay Men Don't Get Fat

Simon Doonan knows that when it comes to style, the gays are the chosen people. A second anthropological truth comes to him midway through a turkey burger with no bun, at an otherwise hetero barbecue: Do the straight people have any idea how many calories are in the guacamole? In this hilarious discourse on and guide to the well-lived life, Doonan goes far beyond the secrets to eating like the French—he proves that gay men really are French women, from their delight in fashion, to their brilliant choices in accessories and décor, to their awe-inspiring ability to limit calorie intake. A Gucci-wearing Margaret Mead at heart, Doonan offers his own inimitable life experiences and uncanny insights into makes gay people driven to live every day feeling their best, and proves that they have just as much—and possibly better—wisdom, advice, and inspiration beyond the same old diet and exercise tips.

So put down that bag of Pirate’s Booty and pick up this fierce and fabulous book. From slimming jaunts through Capri in the evening to an intrepid “Bear” hunt (if you have to ask, you have to read this book and find out for yourself), Gay Men Don’t Get Fat is the ultimate approach to a glamorous lifestyle—plus, you are guaranteed to laugh away the pounds!

Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors by Jonathan Adler
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Sterling Innovation (November 2, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1402774311
ISBN-13: 978-1402774317
Amazon: Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors

No one has a happier sense of hue and pattern than Jonathan Adler! Inspiring readers to be fearless in their decorating choices, Adler guides us through color-drenched rooms, from True Blue and Going Rouge to Champagne Sparkle. Every chapter is devoted to his thoughts on one color scheme, and he reveals his go-to paint chips, favorite fabrics, and personal color muses, like Diana Vreeland and Grace Jones.

Jonathan Adler 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life by Jonathan Adler
Hardcover: 172 pages
Publisher: Sterling Signature (November 15, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1402775075
ISBN-13: 978-1402775079
Amazon: Jonathan Adler 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life

Live happily, live stylishly! Celebrity designer Jonathan Adler's newest book is a vibrant, hilarious mash-up of style bible, decorating tome, and self-help guide. In gorgeous, full-color spreads, 100 bold ideas for Happy Chic dwelling, decorating, and entertaining are revealed. As a bonus, five project gatefolds invite readers to create their own Happy Chic handicrafts, including a macramé owl and custom LOVE note cards.

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