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Rohase Piercy (born 1958)

Rohase Piercy was born in London in 1958 and moved to Brighton on the South Coast of England in 1986. She is the author of three published novels: My Dearest Holmes, first published by GMP in 1988 and re-published by the author in 2007. MDH excited much controversy when it first appeared, and over twenty years later it continues to provoke fierce debate amongst Sherlock Holmes afficionados. It explores the feelings of Dr Watson for his famous friend, and is set against the background of the criminalisation of male homosexuality in England during the last decade of the nineteenth century. What Brave Bulls, first published by Budding Press in January 2011 and now re-published by the author. This is a children's book aimed at the over sevens. It tells the story of one young bull, Ario, who dreams of glory in the bullfight, and who slowly becomes aware, through his own experience and that of his friends, of the sport's true brutality. Dealing with a controversial and contemporary subject, it ends on a note of hope and faith in the future. The Coward Does It With A Kiss, published in 1990 by GMP, is currently out of print, but will hopefully be revived soon. 'The Coward' is a fictionalised diary of Oscar Wilde's wife, Constance, revealing her own experience of their marriage and the events leading up to her husband's trial, imprisonment and subsequent exile.

Rohase enjoys exploring alternative perspectives in her writing, and her own perspective on life is one of optimism. She still lives in Brighton with her husband Leslie, a dog called Spike, a cat called Percy, and a fluctuating number of fancy pigeons. She has two grown up daughters, Morgana and Pip.

Further Readings:

My Dearest Holmes by Rohase Piercy
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (November 1, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1419676326
ISBN-13: 978-1419676321
Amazon: My Dearest Holmes
Amazon Kindle: My Dearest Holmes

'... The accounts of these cases are too bound up with events in my personal life which, although they may provide a plausible commentary to much of my dealings with Mr Sherlock Holmes, can never be made public while he or I remain alife ...'

Although Dr Watson is known for recording some sixty of his adventures with the celebrated Sherlock Holmes, he also wrote other reminiscences of their long friendship which were never intended for publication during their lifetimes. Rescued from oblivion by Rohase Piercy, here are two previously unknown stories about the great detective and his companion, throwing a fresh light upon their famous partnership, and helping to explain much which has puzzled their devotees.

Together Holmes and Watson face disturbing revelations as they investigate the case of the Queen Bee; and we finally learn what actually happened at the Reichenback Falls, and the real reasons which lay behind Holmes' faked death and his subsequent return.

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