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Hal Bodner (born November 15)

Hal Bodner is the author of the best selling gay vampire novel, Bite Club. He tells people he was born in East Philadelphia because so few people know where Cherry Hill, New Jersey is located. The first person he saw in his life was C. Everet Coop, future US Surgeon General, who delivered him. Thus, Hal was ironically destined to become a heavy smoker.

He moved to West Hollywood in the 1980s and has rarely left the city limits during the past twenty years. Hal is so WeHo-centric that he cannot find his way around Beverly Hills, the next town over.

Hal has been an entertainment lawyer, a scheduler for a 976 sex telephone line, a theater reviewer and the personal assistant to a television star. For awhile, he owned Heavy Petting, a pet boutique where all the movie stars shopped for their Pomeranians. Currently, he owns an exotic bird shop.

He has never been a waiter.

He lives with assorted dogs, and birds, the most notable of which is an eighty year old irritable, flesh-eating military macaw named after his icon - Tallulah. He often quips he is a slave to fur and feathers and regrets only that he isn't referring to mink and marabou. He does not have cats because he tends to sneeze on them.

Rapidly approaching middle-age (assuming that more than a few hundred year old people are still around), he remembers Nixon.

He got "married" very late in life to an incredible man. Sadly, after five amazing, if turbulent, years he was widowed and can sometimes be found sunbathing at his husband's grave while trying to avoid cemetery caretakers screaming at him to put his shirt back on.

Hal recently took a crack at writing erotic paranormal romance -- which he refers to as "supernatural smut" -- with "In Flesh and Stone" and "For Love of the Dead". While he enjoyed writing them immensely, he has resolved to return to his comedic roots with additional "Chris and Troy" novels and the adventures of the reluctant super hero, the Whirlwind.

He blushes to admit he is currently romantically involved with a man roughly half his age. As a result, he has recently discovered that the use of hair dye is evidently not an adequate replacement for Viagra.

Further Readings:

Bite Club: A West Hollywood Vampire Novel by Hal Bodner
Series: West Hollywood Vampire Novels
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Alyson Books (June 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1555839037
ISBN-13: 978-1555839031
Amazon: Bite Club: A West Hollywood Vampire Novel
Amazon Kindle: Bite Club: A West Hollywood Vampire Novel

Oh, Bloody Mary!

Welcome to the Bite Club -- where the only requirement for membership is death.

West Hollywood, California. The Creative City. Liberal and welcoming. Free from discrimination and hatred. A safe place to live if you're gay. But West Hollywood isn't safe anymore...

Someone in town has a macabre passion for beautiful young men. Healthy, gym-toned male bodies keep turning up -- tortured, drained of blood, missing parts and quite, quite dead.

Weho City Coroner Becky O'Brien is helpless to stop the accumulation of corpses. At the end of her investigative rope, she calls upon an old college friend, Christopher Driscoll, who is something of an expert on serial killers. Rushing to her aid, Chris arrives in town with his quirky boyfriend Troy in tow. Prowling the dark alleys and cruisy bars of WeHo in search of the psychotic fiend, the trio soon realizes that something possibly not human has taken up residence in Boys' Town -- something with an insatiable hunger for the flesh and blood of hot young men.

Sexy, scary and very, very funny, Bite Club is a macabre black comedy that'll have you screaming bloody murder.

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