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Angelia Sparrow (born November 17, 1967)

Angelia Sparrow is best known as an author of GLBT romance. She writes in a variety of genres, including horror, paranormal, fantasy and science fiction. She is a former library paraprofessional who traded her card catalogue for ten in the wind and the hum of the highway.

She works steadily on the newest pieces, haring off on tangents as the muses move her.

Showdown at Yellowstone River, co-authored with Naomi Brooks, won a 2010 Rainbow Award as Best LGBT Historical and Best Bisexual / Transgender Novel.

Further Readings:

Showdown At Yellowstone River by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks
Publisher: Pink Petal Books (July 13, 2010)
Amazon Kindle: Showdown At Yellowstone River

Gunslinger Matt Court has hung it up for good after a disastrous encounter in El Paso. He moved to Dakota Territory, took out a homestead and started courting Annie, the banker's daughter. But when Annie comes up pregnant and runs away with her lover, her father calls in the notorious killer, Paz, to eliminate Matt.

But the mysterious Paz holds many secrets and Matt discovers not only the gunfighter's personal code of honor, but a truth that is worth both their lives.

More Rainbow Awards at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, Rainbow Awards/2010

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