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Rainbow Awards pre-party and 7th anniversary (Winners)

November 2013 marked the 7th anniversary since I opened my first journal, in 2006 on LJ, and the 5th anniversary of the Rainbow Awards. 190 authors, all of them in the 2013 Rainbow Awards, donated or an ebook, or a print book, and we used them for a Treasure Hunt. Every day, for all November, I posted 6 excerpts (a random page of the book). No reference to title, or author, or publisher. People had to match it with the book. So now it's time to announce who is the winner of the Treasure Hunt... qaf22 on LJ! 174 right matchings out of 190 excerpts, really GOOD achievement. But since this is a game, and I'm sure the authors wanted for everyone to have at lease a prize, I drew the prizes among all people who tried at least once and managed a correct matching, of course giving more prizes to whom guessed better, so in the end, here is the list of winners (with the number of prizes they will receive):

qaf22 (28)
strive4bst (24)
Suze (24)
KaylaJameth (24)
Maya (24)
vitajex (23)
ashley.vanburen (14)
Cia (6)
Julia (4)
Danny (3)
tiberius1 (2)
aurenenfae (2)
Otila (2)
Seiran (1)
Erica (1)
elingregory (1)
charj_90 (1)
revdeb (1)
farringtonadams (1)
jennysmum3 (1)
paulfahey_68 (1)
goaliemom0049 (1)
plainbrownwrapper (1)
Marie (1)
jean_reads (1)
loopylape (1)

I will contact with a private message the users on LJ or DW for a contact email, please check your email on those journals for my message.

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