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Best LGBT Cover – Illustration

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. Evolution (Paul Richmond)

Runners Up:

2. Stealing the Wind (Anne Cain)
3. Falling for Rain (Paul Richmond)
4. Crow and Firefly (Shobana Appavu) / Venetian Masks (Shobana Appavu)
5. Ice and Embers (Anne Cain) / Secret Chemistry (Anne Cain) / Blood Red Butterfly (Faith L.)
6. The Actor and the Earl (Anne Cain)
7. Out of the Blackness (SJL Graphics)
8. Hour of the Lotus (Anne Cain) / Bound Forget Me Knot (Shobana Appavu)
9. Calling Dr Laura (Nicole J. Georges)
10. Bonds of Death (Shobana Appavu) / Gravemen (Aisha Akeju)

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