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Best Gay Fantasy

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. Kim Fielding – Brute

I was very invested in the characters, and they were two of the most unlikely main characters I've seen. After Brute made his wish I was very worried about the price. (Jason)
A wonderful edition to any high-fantasy LGBT novel collection. (Natalie)
An involving page-turner of a book, with an unusual, intriguing, endearing main character, and a plot that made the book difficult to put down. I really enjoyed this exploration of a real hero and a pure love. Excellent work. (Julie)

Runners Up:

2. Eric Arvin - Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men / Kaje Harper - Nor Iron Bars A Cage
3. Angel Martinez & Freddy MacKay - The Horns and Halos
4. Vaughn R. Demont - Community Service
5. Megan Derr - Black Magic / Tali Spencer - Thick as Thieves

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