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Best Gay Mystery / Thriller

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. AJ Rose – Safeword

First, thank you so much for giving me this book to read! A great reading experience and a joy to read! The plot was flawless. Beautiful prose. Gripping, compelling action scenes, including Sex scenes--as far as I'm concerned this book has the single most erotic masturbation scene I've ever read!. I'd really really love to see this book among this year's winners. I think it deserves it. (Feliz)
I enjoyed the first one so much! And this one too. (Jon)
The best BDSM book I have read in a long time! Combined with a mystery - I can't ask for more! (Uli)

Runners Up:

2. Jamie Fessenden - Billy's Bones
3. J.L. Merrow - Pressure Head
4. AJ Rose - Power Exchange
5. Marshall Thornton - Boystown 5

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