elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Best Gay Paranormal Romance

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. Lou Harper - Spirit Sanguine

Engaging, emotionally intense, and not revolving around the characters' sexuality. YOU MADE ME CRY. (Myranda)
I loved these stories. The MCs were opposites however complimented each other nicely. A vegetarian vampire is amusing. (Carol)
When I'm reading paranormal I like a combination of detail and fantastical that takes me away to another world. But it has to be viable, too. I not only found these elements in this book, but likeable characters as well. And sometimes that's what it comes down to, just plain liking the characters. Plain and simple. (Ryan)

Runners Up:

2. Abigail Roux - The Gravedigger's Brawl
3. Jordan L. Hawk - Hainted
4. Cari Z. - Cambion, Dark Around the Edges
5. Eden Winters - Naked Tails
6. Jordan L. Hawk - Widdershins
7. Marguerite Labbe - Make Me Whole / T.J. Klune - Into This River I Drown
8. Kate McMurray - Show and Tell
9. Adam Fitzroy - Between Now and Then
10. Belinda McBride - Arcada 2, Silver-Steel

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