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Best LGBT Biography / Memoir / Non Fiction / Poetry

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. Scott M. Terry - Cowboys, Armageddon, and The Truth

Memoirs are made up of memories and, as such, they consist of a jumble of things that have stuck over the years. To an outsider, these memories can seem irrelevant and at times unbelievable, but they are a valid and necessary way to show to those who didn’t live these memories what exactly happened. The debate between nature and nurture never denies the profound effect of the latter. In this case, nurture didn’t make the author gay, but it definitely affected who he is today. You can feel a lingering sadness at the way he feels cut off from his sister who is still a Jehovah’s Witness. Thankfully, as he recounts at the end, he found someone who taught him to love himself and thus he was finally able to love others. (Alison)
A whiplash piece of literary reporting, about a family of children growing up poor and religiously abused in the rural West, and one child miraculously finding himself in spite of everything. I was riveted. Will make sure to get it for my personal library. (Patricia)
Simple, powerful, evocative language and a strong regional voice. As a survivor of trauma, this author has a story that inherently needs telling, and he connects it effectively to the religious and political situation in America. (Laura)

Runners Up:

2. Jeff Mann - A Romantic Mann
3. Paul Alan Fahey - The Other Man

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