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Best LGBT Erotic Romance (Bobby Michaels Award)

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. Heidi Cullinan - Dirty Laundry

Wonderfully written. Both main characters insecurities were handled beautifully and in a way that the reader can relate to them even if they didn’t have those specific problems themselves. Although this book is part of a series written as a collaboration with other authors, this book stands alone which is also a plus. (Theresa)
I’ve loved this one so much I’ve reread it, which I almost never do. The characters are damaged and real and both go through a development arc yet stay true to their core person. The setting is part of a series yet Heidi painted it with new colors based on her characters. This book completely stands on its own. The writing though solid, veered into preachy or moral-of-the-story narrator a couple of times. The highest score I’ve ever given. (Amberly)
This was an absolutely fantastic and realistic take on a variety of different subjects, most notably living with OCD and anxiety -- while still being a fun and sexy-as-fuck story. (Natalie)

Runners Up:

2. L.A. Witt - Finding Master Right
3. Bren Christopher - Second Chance Sam
4. Amelia C. Gormley - Acceleration (2 books as 1 submission) / L.A. Witt - Conduct Unbecoming
5. A.B. Gayle - Leather+Lace
6. Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt - Capture & Surrender
7. Amelia C. Gormley – Velocity / Mickie B. Ashling - Fire Horse / Tia Fielding - Falling Into Place
8. Z. Allora - Made in China 1, The Great Wall
9. T.J. Askren - Killian James
10. Brandon Shire – Afflicted / Lori Toland - Dangerous Submission / Rory Ni Coileain - Hard as Stone

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