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Best Bisexual Novel

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. Gene Gant - Battle for Jericho

A coming of age story set in the modern world, The Battle for Jericho is a truly moving novel of hatred turned to sympathy, two lives of unfulfilled dreams, and the journey it can take to find a world you want to live in. (Carey)
I loved this book. It was just about perfect for me. As a YA book it hit an excellent balance of coming of age realities with humor and heart. It tackled issues of bullying, gay bashing, homophobia, and religion not only with a deft and tender hand, but also an unflinching realism. This is a book to be recommended whole-heartedly. I only took a point off for writing style, just because I’m not sure any book is perfect, but this one comes damn close. (Linda)

Runners Up:

2. Jill Braden - The Devil's Concubine
3. Vincent Meis - Down in Cuba
4. Jill Shultz - Angel on the Ropes / Julian Griffith - Love Continuance and Increasing
5. Ava Burquette - Held in Dreams

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