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2013 Rainbow Awards

Almost 400 books, more than 150 judges, all over the world, and many, many submissions, from indie publishers, from mainstream publishers and a lot of self-published authors. And, to me more important of everything, we raised almost 6500 dollars that are already to the two charities, Ali Forney Center in New York City and Colors in Los Angeles.

This is Colors' thank you letter: "I am writing to thank you for your donation in support of the Antioch University Los Angeles LGBTQ Colors program located just west of downtown in the MacArthur Park area. Your support directly impacts the services provided to LGBTQ youth under 25 years of age. The core values of social justice, service to community, and experiential learning comprise the heart of our mission, and the Colors program enables us to provide a valuable service to the community. As you know, Colors is a collaborative program offered by Antioch University Los Angeles and Pueblo Nuevo Development Corporation that provides comprehensive services to combat both the epidemic of suicides by LGBTQ youth and the bullying directed against them. Colors offers this underserved population and their families counseling, psychotherapy, support, and advocacy free of charge. Colors is committed to creating a world where LGBTQ youth are valued, embraced and invited to contribute to their full potential. This program is fully supported by alumni and friends like you. This support enables us to live our mission, and we are truly grateful for your participation. Thank you for your support."

This is Ali Forney Center's thank you letter: "Thank you for your generous gift. Your donation is vital to continuing our work of providing a full continuum of care services to homeless LGBT youth. The Ali Fomey Center was founded in 2002 in response to the lack of safe and culturally competent shelters for LGBT youth in NYC. Our work not only meets basic needs, but also provides young people with supportive services and the tools they need to transform their lives. Our services include education and career counseling, independent living skills, health and mental health services, in addition to individualized care through our case managers and life coaches (volunteer mentors) who work with youth on their goal of living independently. We are humbled by your support and interest in our mission. We hope to continue to work side-by-side with you to improve the life-chances of our homeless LGBT youth, Again, thank you for making a difference."

First of all a big thank to all the judges who helped me to arrive to this result:

A.B. Gayle, A.J. Peters, A.J. Kelton, Alan T. Orr, Aleksandr Voinov, Ali Gibson, Alice Blake, Amberly Smith, Amelia, Amelia C. Gormley, Amie Love, Amy DiMartino, Andrea Dalling, Andrea Grendahl, Andrea Speed, Andrew Grey, Anel Viz, Anke, Anna Lee, Anna Birmingham, Anna Zabo, Anne Barwell, Anne Tenino, Antonella, April Ott, Aurore Rose, Belinda McBride, Bethann Korsmit, Bethany Zaiatz, Brent Hartinger, Calathea, Carey Parrish, Caroline, Carrie Ann Murphy, Cassandra Gold, Cherie Noel Hall, Chris, Chris Paynter, Christina, Chuck Ruebsamen, Cole Riann, D. Jackson Leigh, D.H. Starr, Dan Cullinan, Danielle Redmond, Darien, David A. Kentner, Dawn, Debra Starbird, Devon Rhodes, Dianne McGavin, Dorothy Muir, Eden Winters, Ellen Russell, Emanuela Piasentini, Erica Pike, Erotic Horizon, Ethan Day, Eve, Evey Brett, Fausta Piccini, Feliz Faber, Fernanda Elmiger, Gene Gant, George Seaton, Heidi Cullinan, Heidi French, Helen Beattie, Henriette, J.C. Wallace, J.P. Bowie, J.P. Barnaby, Jaime Samms, James Earl Hardy, Jamie Nare, Jane, Janet S., Jason Bradley, Jason K., Jaymi, Jennifer Lavoie, Jerry Beale, Jessica Goeller, Jo Ann Weiler, Joann Lee, Jodie Atkinson, John Robey, Johnny Townsend, Jon Michaelsen, Jordan L. Hawk, Jorgi-Anne, Juli-Anna Dobson, Julie Bozza, Julie Weismann, K.Z. Snow, Kari Gregg, Kate McMurray, Kimberly Lynn Workman, Kris Jacen, Kyell Gold, L.E. Halk, Laura Hughes, Lee Rowan, Lex Valentine, Lily, Linda Eisel, Lisa, Lori, Lori Toland, Luce, Lyne, Mallory Hytrek, Mariana Arias, Megan Derr, Melissa Lee, Michele L. Montgomery, Michelle Wauchope, Miria D., Mitzie Schlueter, Molly Anne Church, Myranda Sarro, Natalie M., Norma Nielsen, P.J. Trebelhorn, Pamela Turner, Patricia Nell Warren, Pelaam, Penny Brandon, Rachel Thomas, Rosie Thowney, Ryan Field, Sage Marlowe, Sally Sapphire, Sandra Meyer, Sar, Sassafras Lowrey, Sean Happenny, Shannon West, Shawn Lane, Sloan Parker, Stacey Darlington, Stacia Seaman, Steve Callahan, Sue Adams, Sue Brown, T.A. Webb, Tag, Tame, Tammy, Tara Lain, Tessa Noil, Theresa Webber, Tim Keller, Tracy Ward, Uli, Val Kovalin, Valerie, Venona Keyes, Verena, Vicktor Alexander, Vincent Virga, Z.A. Maxfield, Zahra Owens, Zeoanne.

Thank you to my new partner: The Rainbow Romance Writers, a chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

A special thank you to the special jury for the Rainbow Award Cover Contest: Ali Gibson, Anne Tenino, Brent Hartinger, Dylan Rosser, Jodie Atkinson, Julie Weismann, Linda Eisel, Mitzie Schlueter, Tammy, Zahra Owens.

And as always a big thank you to the Publishers which allow me and the judges to have all the books for the reading phase:

Affinity eBooks, Amber Quill Press, Beaten Track Publishing, Beau to Beau Publishing, Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company, Bella Books, Blanca Rosa Publishing, Blue Feather Books, Bold Strokes Books, Bon View Publishing, Breathless Press, Buddha Kitty Books, Bywater Books, Carina Press, Chelsea Station Editions, Cleis Press, Corgyn Publishing, Dog Horn Publishing, Dreamspinner Press, Ellora's Cave, Etopia Press, Eureka Street Press, Evernight Publishing, Fallen Bros. Press, Fantastic Fiction Publishing, Featherweight Publishing, Graphix/Scholastic, Grey Fedora Books, Hallowed Birch Publishing, Harmony Ink Press, IAJ Books, Island Tales Press, Itineris Press, JMS Books, LazyDay Publishing, Less Than Three Press, Lethe Press, Lillibridge Press, Loose Id, Love in Dark Settings Press, Lyrical Press, Manifold Press, Melange Books, Mischief Corner Books, MLR Press, Museit Up Publishing, Paddy's Daddy Publishing, Penguin, Phantom Hollow Publishing, Phoenix Rising Press, PoMo Freakshow Press, Prizm Books, Proud Peacock Publishing, PubRight, Queerteen Press, Ragz Books USA, Random House Group, Ravenous Romance, Red Treehouse Publishing, Regal Crest Enterprises, Resplendence Publishing, Riptide Publishing, Samhain Publishing, Sapphire Books Publishing, Secret Cravings Publishing, Silver Publishing, Siren BookStrand, SleighFarm Publishing Group, Sofawolf Press, Storm Moon Press, Sunny Bee Books, Supposed Crimes, Torquere Press, Total-e-Bound, TPG Books, UnCUT/VOICES Press, Voodoo Lily Press, Watersgreen House, Wayzgoose Press, Wilde City Press, Wilkinson House, Ylva Publishing, Zumaya Publications.

And now what all you are waiting, the 2013 Rainbow Awards. And the awards go to:

"Rainbow Pride Cheesecake" is the official pin-up boy of the Rainbow Awards especially created by Paul Richmond

Best LGBT Cover – Design
1. Into This River I Drown (Kyle Thompson)
Runners Up:
2. Coming Home (Anne Cain) / A Knitter in His Natural Habitat (Catt Ford)
3. The Boys and the Bees (Catt Ford)
4. Mingled Destines of Crocodiles and Men (Amy Morrison)
5. After the End (Brooke Albrecht)
6. Boys of Summer (Reese Dante) / Aaron (AngstyG) / For Men Like Us (Anne Cain)
7. Fire (Paul Richmond) / Plan B (Ronaldo Gutierrez)
8. Texas Pride (Reese Dante)
9. Gravedigger's Brawl (Reese Dante)
10. Lion and the Crow (Eli Easton) / 3 (DWS Photography)

Best LGBT Cover – Illustration
1. Evolution (Paul Richmond)
Runners Up:
2. Stealing the Wind (Anne Cain)
3. Falling for Rain (Paul Richmond)
4. Crow and Firefly (Shobana Appavu) / Venetian Masks (Shobana Appavu)
5. Ice and Embers (Anne Cain) / Secret Chemistry (Anne Cain) / Blood Red Butterfly (Faith L.)
6. The Actor and the Earl (Anne Cain)
7. Out of the Blackness (SJL Graphics)
8. Hour of the Lotus (Anne Cain) / Bound Forget Me Knot (Shobana Appavu)
9. Calling Dr Laura (Nicole J. Georges)
10. Bonds of Death (Shobana Appavu) / Gravemen (Aisha Akeju)

Best B/T & LGBT Contemporary Fiction, Mystery / Thriller, Contemporary & Historical Romance
1. Laura Antoniou - The Killer Wore Leather
Runners Up:
2. Vincent Meis - Down in Cuba
3. Julian Griffith - Love Continuance and Increasing

Best B/T & LGBT Fantasy, Paranormal Romance & Sci-fi / Futuristic
1. J. Tullos Hennig – GreenWode
Runners Up:
2. Jill Braden - The Devil's Concubine
3. Jill Shultz - Angel on the Ropes

Best Gay Contemporary General Fiction
1 (tie). Amy Lane - Dex in Blue
1 (tie). Rick R. Reed - Raining Men
Runners Up:
2. Larry Benjamin - Damaged Angels
3. Brad Boney - The Return
4. George Seaton - Saving Skylar Hand
5. Jamie Fessenden - By That Sin Fell The Angels / S.A. McAuley - Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open

Best Gay Contemporary Romance (William Neale Award)
1. Amy Lane - Racing for the Sun
Runners Up:
2. Amy Lane - Mourning Heaven / Ryan Loveless - Ethan Who Loved Carter
3. Taylor V. Donovan - Disasterology 101
4. Carter Quinn - Out of the Blackness
5. Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton - Second Hand
6. Anyta Sunday - Taboo For You
7. Alexis Hall - Glitterland
8. Julie Bozza - The Apothecary's Garden
9. Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid - Double Black
10. Lane Hayes - Better Than Good

Best Gay Fantasy
1. Kim Fielding – Brute
Runners Up:
2. Eric Arvin - Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men / Kaje Harper - Nor Iron Bars A Cage
3. Angel Martinez & Freddy MacKay - The Horns and Halos
4. Vaughn R. Demont - Community Service
5. Megan Derr - Black Magic / Tali Spencer - Thick as Thieves

Best Gay Historical Romance
1. Adam Fitzroy - Make Do and Mend
Runners Up:
2. Osiris Brackhaus - Lovers in Arms
3. Jane Elliot – Montana Red
4. Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt - Unhinge The Universe
5. Brita Addams - Tarnished Gold

Best Gay Mystery / Thriller
1. AJ Rose – Safeword
Runners Up:
2. Jamie Fessenden - Billy's Bones
3. J.L. Merrow - Pressure Head
4. AJ Rose - Power Exchange
5. Marshall Thornton - Boystown 5

Best Gay Paranormal Romance
1. Lou Harper - Spirit Sanguine
Runners Up:
2. Abigail Roux - The Gravedigger's Brawl
3. Jordan L. Hawk - Hainted
4. Cari Z. - Cambion, Dark Around the Edges
5. Eden Winters - Naked Tails
6. Jordan L. Hawk - Widdershins
7. Marguerite Labbe - Make Me Whole / T.J. Klune - Into This River I Drown
8. Kate McMurray - Show and Tell
9. Adam Fitzroy - Between Now and Then
10. Belinda McBride - Arcada 2, Silver-Steel

Best Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic
1 (tie). Alicia Cameron - Inherent Gifts
1 (tie). Amy Lane - Under the Rushes
1 (tie). L.A. Witt - Something New Under the Sun
Runners Up:
2. Sunny Moraine & Lisa Soem - Line and Orbit
3. Andrea Speed - Infected, Lesser Evils

Best Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction
1. Catherine Ryan Hyde - Where We Belong
Runners Up:
2. R.E. Bradshaw - Out on the Panhandle
3. Caren J. Werlinger - In This Small Spot
4. Justine Saracen - Beloved Gomorrah
5. Ann McMan - Aftermath

Best Lesbian Contemporary Romance
1. Karis Walsh - Sea Glass Inn
Runners Up:
2. Caren J. Werlinger - Neither Present Time
3. Andi Marquette - From the Boots Up
4. Beth Burnett - Andy's Song
5. Lynn Ames - All That Lies Within

Best Lesbian Fantasy
1. Barbara Ann Wright - The Pyramid Waltz
Runners Up:
2. Riley LaShea - Black Forest, Kingdoms Fall
3. Benny Lawrence - Shell Game

Best Lesbian Historical Romance
1. Sandra Moran - Letters Never Sent
Runners Up:
2. Linda North - Wind and Dreams
3. T.T. Thomas - A Delicate Refusal

Best Lesbian Mystery / Thriller
1. Lori L. Lake - A Very Public Eye
Runners Up:
2. Lori L. Lake - Jump the Gun
3. Cari Hunter - Desolation Point
4. R.E. Bradshaw - The Rainey Season
5. Lynn Kear - Black-Hearted Bitch

Best Lesbian Paranormal Romance
1. Robin Roseau - Fox Run
Runners Up:
2. L.L. Raand - The Lone Hunt
3. Kim Pritekel - After Shadow
4. Linda Kay Silva - Man Eaters
5. Yvonne Heidt - The Awakening

Best Lesbian Sci-Fi / Futuristic
1. Cathy Pegau - Deep Deception
Runners Up:
2. Linda Kay Silva - Magical Echo
3. Mary Griggs - In the Midst of Tribulation

Best LGBT Biography / Memoir / Non Fiction / Poetry
1. Scott M. Terry - Cowboys, Armageddon, and The Truth
Runners Up:
2. Jeff Mann - A Romantic Mann
3. Paul Alan Fahey - The Other Man

Best LGBT Erotic Romance (Bobby Michaels Award)
1. Heidi Cullinan - Dirty Laundry
Runners Up:
2. L.A. Witt - Finding Master Right
3. Bren Christopher - Second Chance Sam
4. Amelia C. Gormley - Acceleration (2 books as 1 submission) / L.A. Witt - Conduct Unbecoming
5. A.B. Gayle - Leather+Lace
6. Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt - Capture & Surrender
7. Amelia C. Gormley – Velocity / Mickie B. Ashling - Fire Horse / Tia Fielding - Falling Into Place
8. Z. Allora - Made in China 1, The Great Wall
9. T.J. Askren - Killian James
10. Brandon Shire – Afflicted / Lori Toland - Dangerous Submission / Rory Ni Coileain - Hard as Stone

Best LGBT Erotica
1. Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt - If It Flies, If It Fornicates (2 novellas as 1 submission)
Runners Up:
2. James Earl Hardy - Can You Feel What I'm Saying
3. Ciaran Dwynvil - In Blue Poppy Fields

Best LGBT Historical
1. Caren J. Werlinger – Miserere
Runners Up:
2. Charlie Cochrane - Promises Made Under Fire
3. Elin Gregory - On A Lee Shore

Best LGBT Romantic Comedy
1. J.L. Merrow – Slam
Runners Up:
2. Barbara Davies - Licensed to Spy / Sandrine Gasq-Dion - A Betting Man, A Marrying Man (2 novellas as 1 submission)
3. Wade Kelly - My Roommate's a Jock

Best LGBT Young Adult
1. James Erich – Dreams
Runners Up:
2. Jere' M. Fishback - Tyler Buckspan
3. Bill Konigsberg - Openly Straight
4. Dan Skinner - Memorizing You
5. Sara Alva - Social Skills
6. Huston Piner - My Life as a Myth
7. Laura Hughes - Don't Ask
8. M.F. Kays - Lost and Found / Michael J. Bowler - Children of the Knight
9. Gene Gant - Battle for Jericho
10. Madison Parker - Play Me, I'm Yours

Best B/T & LGBT Debut
1. J. Tullos Hennig – GreenWode
Runners Up:
2. Laura Hughes - Don't Ask
3. Jill Braden - The Devil's Concubine
4. Jill Shultz - Angel on the Ropes / Julian Griffith - Love Continuance and Increasing
5. Ava Burquette - Held in Dreams

Best Gay Debut
1. Scott M. Terry - Cowboys, Armageddon, and The Truth
Runners Up:
2. Alicia Cameron - Inherent Gifts
3. Sunny Moraine & Lisa Soem - Line and Orbit
4. Alexis Hall - Glitterland
5. Osiris Brackhaus - Lovers in Arms
6. Lane Hayes - Better Than Good
7. Sara Alva - Social Skills
8. AJ Rose - Power Exchange
9. Huston Piner - My Life as a Myth
10. A.J. Thomas - A Casual Weekend Thing / Will Parkinson – Pitch / Marcelino Rosas - Afuera

Best Lesbian Debut
1. Sandra Moran - Letters Never Sent
Runners Up:
2. Andrea Bramhall – Ladyfish / Donna K. Ford - Healing Hearts
3. Barbara Ann Wright - The Pyramid Waltz
4. Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko – WAAFRIKA
5. Shelley Thrasher - The Storm

Best Bisexual Novel
1. Gene Gant - Battle for Jericho
Runners Up:
2. Jill Braden - The Devil's Concubine
3. Vincent Meis - Down in Cuba
4. Jill Shultz - Angel on the Ropes / Julian Griffith - Love Continuance and Increasing
5. Ava Burquette - Held in Dreams

Best Gay Novel
1. Adam Fitzroy - Make Do and Mend
Runners Up:
2. Amy Lane - Racing for the Sun
3. Amy Lane - Mourning Heaven / Ryan Loveless - Ethan Who Loved Carter
4. Scott M. Terry - Cowboys, Armageddon, and The Truth / Kim Fielding - Brute
5. Alicia Cameron - Inherent Gifts / Amy Lane - Under the Rushes / L.A. Witt - Something New Under the Sun
6. Amy Lane - Dex in Blue/ Rick R. Reed - Raining Men
7. Taylor V. Donovan - Disasterology 101
8. Carter Quinn - Out of the Blackness
9. James Erich – Dreams
10. Eric Arvin - Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men / Jere' M. Fishback - Tyler Buckspan / Kaje Harper - Nor Iron Bars A Cage / Lou Harper - Spirit Sanguine

Best Lesbian Novel
1. Catherine Ryan Hyde - Where We Belong
Runners Up:
2. R.E. Bradshaw - Out on the Panhandle
3. Karis Walsh - Sea Glass Inn
4. Caren J. Werlinger - Neither Present Time
5. Caren J. Werlinger - In This Small Spot
6. Andi Marquette - From the Boots Up
7. Sandra Moran - Letters Never Sent
8. Beth Burnett - Andy's Song
9. Lynn Ames - All That Lies Within
10. Donna K. Ford - Healing Hearts / Andrea Bramhall - Ladyfish

Best LGBT Novel
1. J. Tullos Hennig – GreenWode
Runners Up:
2. Laura Antoniou - The Killer Wore Leather
3. Laura Hughes - Don't Ask

Best Transgender Novel
1 (tie). Elliott DeLine - I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
1 (tie). L.A. Witt - The Left Hand of Calvus
Runners Up:
2. Sassafras Lowrey - Roving Pack
3. Grigory Ryzhakov - Becoming Agie

To celebrate, all Riptide Publishing winning titles are 25% off now through December 15th: http://www.riptidepublishing.com/rainbow-award-winners

all Dreamspinner Press winning titles are 30% off now through December 15th:

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( 5 comments — Leave a comment )
Dec. 8th, 2013 09:26 am (UTC)
CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, and a thank you to all participants, judges and the organization! well done everyone!!!
Dec. 8th, 2013 02:13 pm (UTC)
You work so tirelessly, Elisa :-) thank you for allowing us to play a part is what drives your heart!!!
Dec. 8th, 2013 05:34 pm (UTC)

Hi, Elisa!

You thanked everybody but you deserve the biggest ''thank you'' for all our work. Just the idea of keeping in contact with some 150 judges would make me anxious, plus all the other work.

Congratulations in particular to the winners, but also to all the participants.

Bad news for me: now I've got a brand new series of books to read, on top of the mountain of books already waiting for their turn ;-).


Dec. 9th, 2013 02:17 am (UTC)
Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the judges, participants and also elisa for their participation of this award!
Dec. 9th, 2013 08:08 pm (UTC)
It was wonderful to be a part of the great event again:) Thank you:)
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