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Chris Kenry

Chris Kenry is a former milkman, UPS driver and English teacher. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and works for a global security and aerospace company.

Chris Kenry's most recent book is The Survival Methods and Mating Rituals of Men and Marine Mammals, Kensington Publishing Corp (April 2012): Dumped, depressed, and stone-cold broke, children's book author Davis Garner needs a new life plan. With no other options, he signs on to be a technical writer on a research vessel in Antarctica. What Davis knows about marine technology would comfortably fit in a tweet, but he soon realizes that no one around him is quite who they seem - including Maureen, an ice-cold network administrator; a lovelorn technician known by the acronym Worm; and Artaud, a charismatic scientist with dubious motives. In between waves of seasickness and self-doubt, Davis finds creative inspiration and an unlikely passion for his new job. And something more unexpected still - the willingness to fight for the principles he believes in and the life he still loves...

Further Readings:

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Kensington (April 1, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1575668467
ISBN-13: 978-1575668468
Amazon: Can't Buy Me Love

Thanks to his wealthy, doting lover, Jack Erikson's biggest daily challenges are working out and deciding which magazine to read. But when his benefactor suddenly dies, Jack is tossed out on the street, with no way of supporting the lifestyle he has become accustomed to. Jack's half-hearted stints at minimum wage jobs barely cover the minimum payments on his credit cards, let alone his Sunday brunches with the boys. Slipping into what he does best, Jack stumbles his way into a career running Harden Up, a male escort service, along with Ray, a professional hustler and aspiring artist. With business booming, Jack is back on top again, not to mention falling hard for his new business partner. But with everything going his way at last, Jack can't help wondering...Can a pair of entrepreneurial escorts really live happily ever after?

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