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Cinder by Marie Sexton

This is really a gay fairy tale (no pun intended) cause it’s sweet and romantic, to an innocence level that only very young mind still have, but that also an adult could appreciate, if they wanted to dream.

The story is Cinderella, from beginning to the end. The author didn’t try to divert too much from the original, and the only major change she did is to have Cinderella becoming Cinder, the young cousin of the two twin sisters from hell, Penelope and Jessalyn. Cinder will fall in love with his Prince Charming, Xavier, but Xavier is the heir to the crown, and he needs to marry to a certain age, to meet the requirement to be eligible to the throne, and his birthday is upcoming. How Xavier and Cinder will manage to achieve their happily ever after is part of the reason why you will have to read the story, cause that wasn’t in the original Cinderella fairy tale.

I liked the author maintained the story to an “ingénue” level, just some chaste kisses; I’m not sure if the two even consummate their love, cause, well, like in the old tradition, the author says and doesn’t say, leaving to the imagination of the reader to fill the dots.

Another point that I liked is how the author approached the homosexuality; first of all this is a fantasy story, so well, isn’t like there a right or wrong way, but the author simply had Cinder admit to himself he prefers men, but in a way like he was admitting he prefer fish over meat. Of course there were troubles involved, Xavier needs to marry a woman, but well, Cinder being a man wasn’t really the main issue, in a way it was more problematic that Cinder was a servant and Xavier a prince.

Publisher: Silver Publishing (February 3, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Cinder

Updates: http://www.goodreads.com/user/updates_rss/2156728?key=011e4dd0a1ff993d8c2322e691d6229ed9bbf74b

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Tags: author: marie sexton, genre: fantasy, length: novella, review, theme: cinderfella

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