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Andrew Potter: The unawareness in private moments

Andrew Potter is an award winning artist and regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy of Arts. He is a figurative painter whose style is a form of traditional realism.

Andrew Potter explores the effects of light on classically ideal male figures, light that sculpts the body to provide dramatic form and veiled narrative.

"Love Letter and Roses" by Andrew Potter (Oil Painting)

"Favourite Model" by Andrew Potter (Oil Painting)

"Tight Embrace" by Andrew Potter (Oil Painting)

"Gemini" by Andrew Potter (Oil painting)

"The Rock Pool" by Andrew Potter (Oil Painting)

"Lavender Sunset" by Andrew Potter (Oil Painting)

"The Red Toga" by Andrew Potter (Oil painting)

"The Achilles Girdle" by Andrew Potter (Oil Painting)

"In the Blue Yonder" by Andrew Potter (Oil Painting)

His subjects are caught unawared and unobserved in private moments. The individual identity of each remains ambiguous in either the way the images are cropped, the way the models are posed, or by the fall of light and shadow on their bodies. This enhances the voyeuristic feel and latent sense of eroticism.

However, warm tonality and soft edged style adds romanticism to the work. Thus they become an exchange of confidences between the artist and viewer of a private and intimate moment.


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