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Brett Wexler: A Postmodern Artist

Brett Wexler is a Photographer, creator of Digital Images, Fine Art, Paintings, and Drawings. He builds artwork around landscapes and nudes. Wexler's art draws from Renaissance painting, semiotics, alternative technique and totemic magic. An internationally published photographer of the male nude, his images appear in 4 books on 3 continents (including Abrams Books and Prestel). The Studio is located in Tribeca with a summer studio in East Hampton, NY. He has taught in a division of the Museum of Modern Art (Amagansett).

Brett's art explores the creation of photographic imagery. He began by studying classical painting and drawing. Early in his career, Brett sought to create graphically powerful Black and White images of the nude male. He chose this subject matter as a social comment against the anti-male image prejudices of the day. In his travels, he shot and captured landscape images. While many artists struggled to develop a unique style to enhance marketability, Brett followed an architectural notion to let the form follow the interior--or in his case, the medium, an idea already cultivated by Man Ray and others. Then, with the rapid advance of computer based images, Brett became fascinated with moving images from computers to celluloid and back. While many others focused on perfect prints, Brett focused on creating perfect negatives using the array of alternative media from nineteenth and first half of the 20th century techniques as well as panorama and digital manipulation ssoftware algorithms as they became available. His negatives, sometimes more than 4 square feet in size, printed as cyanotypes and silver albumin images-- some of the largest ever created. Choices of media were often influenced by totemism and magical concepts (cyanotype, made with cyanide was used to portray the social danger of controversial images of male-male affection.)


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