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Candace Nicol: A fusion between printmaking, painting, and digital photography

A Native Nevadan, Nicol has used the male figure, photographed and digitally manipulated, as a means of formulating a response to her experiences in Nevada’s often contradictory landscapes of desire. Nicol’s work has been described as a fusion between printmaking, painting, and digital photography. As a result, Nicol’s multilayered compositions posit engaging questions to viewers regarding relationships, social identities, and societal issues surrounding the female gaze.

digital pigment,oil glazes, resin

digital pigment, oil glazes, resin

digital pigment, oil glazes, resin

digital pigment, oil glazes, resin

digital pigment, oil glazes, resin

digital pigment, oil glazes, resin

digital pigment, oil glazes, resin

digital pigment, oil glazes, resin

Candace Nicol currently works out of her studio in Reno, Nevada and is a co-founder of the Northern Nevada Printmakers’ conspiracy. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and occupies such prestigious permanent collections as the Boise Art Museum, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper at Rutgers University, Southern Graphics Council Archives, The Kinsey Institute, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and Painting and Sculpture Museum Association, Istanbul, Turkey. She has recently been awarded the distinguished Nevada Arts Council 2009 Artist Fellowship and is a Sierra Arts 2008 Artist Grant recipient. She has also been awarded an honorable mention in Printmaking Today, a review of fine art printmaking at the Dedalo Center for Contemporary Art, and the Castle of Castiglione Museum, Abruzzo, Italy.


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