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Cornelius McCarthy: The Male Odalisque

Cornelius McCarthy is one of Britain's leading contemporary painters of the male form. His unique style makes his work instantly recognizable. Throughout his long career his subject matter has always been men, either singly or in groups, and from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. McCarthy conveys his subjects not as beefcake, but as real men, strong and unapologetic. McCarthy's most recent exhibition at Adonis Art was "The Male Odalisque" in October 2007. The French term "Odalisque" ".....derives from a Turkish word originally signifying a female slave in an oriental harem, and was adopted in the 19th and 20th centuries by artists such as Ingres, Delacroix and Matisse to refer to a type of voluptuous female nude, often but not always in an erotic pose and evidently aware of the viewer’s gaze.

"Jason's Back" by Cornelius McCarthy (Gouache painting)

"Colum Arms Raised" by Cornelius McCarthy (Gouache)

"Colum Hands on Chest" by Cornelius McCarthy (Gouache)

"Colum Undressing" by Cornelius McCarthy (Gouache)

"The Grey Striped Kimono" by Cornelius McCarthy (Gouache)

"Beach Hut Interior" by Cornelius McCarthy (Gouache)

"McCarthy extends this concept to include a male model who in a similar way welcomes the admiration and interest of the spectator. Mutual trust and respect are important elements in this interaction, and it is no accident that many of the figures in these pictures appear to meet our eye as if regarding us with calm acceptance and sharing with us their private reveries." Peter Dobson


Both Adonis Art than Gay Men's Press released art book by this artist:

Interiors by Cornelius McCarthy, introduced by Emmanuel Cooper, Gay Men's Press

Cornelius McCarthy: Masters of the Male Form, Adonis Art

More Artists at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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