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David Kawena: The Sexuality of the Asexual Disney Heroes

I found this artist on DevianArt thank to madam_minnie. David Kawena had a very original idea: to use as models for his art the characters of Disney movies.

In a series of portraits he reinvented (or discovered), with a bit more of realism than the original characters, the hidden sensuality of those heroes who steal hearts of the princesses in fairy tales.

Peter Pan


Prince Naveen

Narnian Kings

Prince Edward


Will Turner

John Henry


Milo J. Thatch

John Smith

Prince Phillip

David Kawena is a from Israel and he was asked what it means to be a gay artist there:

"Actually being (a) gay artist, or straight artists who deals with ‘gay’ issues is pretty much a cool thing to be in Israel! Israel is very open minded and very narrow minded too - it's (a) mix of a place. We have a lot openly gay artists here, most of them are on prime time television - actors, fashion designers - and many singers who are openly gay are at the top of the national charts all the time. I do most of my work outside of Israel, but that's a different subject. I could very well be categorized as a straight artist who dose gay
work, or vise versa... You know?!”

Kawena’s work is primarily digital media.


More Artists at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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