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Delmas Howe: Rodeo Pantheon

Delmas Howe was born in El Paso, Texas in 1935 and raised in Truth or Consequences New Mexico. After graduation from high school he progressed through undergraduate work at Wichita State University, then four years in the US Air Force, a move to the East Coast, graduate work at Yale University and several years of classes in NYC at the Art Students' League and the School of the Visual Arts while working as a professional musician. After a return to the West and a successful design studio in Amarillo, Texas he returned to Truth or Consequences.

Rodeo Pantheon is probably his most know painting series: "The gods are tourists visiting the rodeo, isolated from what is going on around them. The nude ancients represent the aesthetic and spiritual world and the clothed cowboys represent the barbaric aspect of man."

Atlas, Private Collection

Allen, 46 x 32 inches, Artist's Collection

Gotterdammerung, 56 x 70 inches, Artist's Collection

Heroic Fredo, Artist's Collection

Hylas and Hercules at the Chutes, 30 x 30 inches, Artist's Collection

Nude Back with Bull Rider, 26 x 24 inches, Artist's Collection

The Return of Ulysses, 60 x 78.5 inches, Artist's Collection

Theseus, 38 x 44 inches, Artist's Collection

Study for Gotterdammerung, 24 x 30 inches, Artist's Collection

"Delmas Howe occupies a strange position in the American art world. Currently, he is probably America’s best-known ‘gay artist’ – in the sense that he is the best-known artist who puts homosexual feeling at the very center of his work. A large number of American gay men have learned to recognize their own feelings through stumbling across his paintings. His web-site, www.delmashowe.com gets many thousands of hits every year, and he has been further publicized by the success of the recent documentary film ‘The Truth or Consequences of Delmas Howe’, which celebrates his personality, his life-style and, most of all perhaps, the remote little town in central New Mexico where he lives and works. Young gay men regard him as a hero figure, and some even make pilgrimages to see him. Recently he was the recipient of a Governor’s Award from the State of New Mexico, a recognition not of his fame in the gay world, but of his long-sustained cultural efforts in his local community. In terms of his social significance, his career rivals that of America’s major feminist artist, Judy Chicago, who also lives in New Mexico. It is no accident that the two artists are personal friends." Edward Lucie-Smith (to read more)


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