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Behind the Cover: HvH

The Portuguese artist HvH is probably familiar to you in one form or another from a variety of publications, for example, his comics have been published in the American magazines FRESHMEN & MEN. Patrick Fillion’s house of comics Class Comics have also often provided a platform for this very talented artist.

HvH’s drawings impress with their imaginative style and consistent bizarre visuals that are very distinctive.

The first time I saw his works was inside the Eric Arvin stories collection's Slight Details & Random Events. After that he did all the other covers for Eric Arvin, both old a new version of Subsurdity, and the sequel coming out this September.

In June 2008 Bruno Gmunder released Gone to the Movies by HvH: Never before seen and yet somehow strangely familiar – HvH’s wilful new gay interpretation of more or less famous movie posters is highly entertaining. The artist masterfully plays with our expectations, playfully tweaking the history of cinema a bit, where until now gays have always gotten short shrift. His work is sometimes ironic and irrelevant, occasionally affectionate and amusing and in the end is simply a magnificent homage to cinema!

Amazon: Gone To The Movies

"Ironic, respectful, lovingly and amusing in equal measure" Kontakt

"A lot of the illustrations are surprisingly hot and some are hilarious. [...] flipping through it and laughing at a few posters at a time provides a nice amusement." EDGE Boston


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