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Jorn Moibus: Through the Drapes of an Exquisite Attire

Danish design and style permeate these ravishing paintings by Jorn Mobius. Superbly executed in brilliant colors, they place stunningly handsome men in the most elegant surroundings. The men are fully clothed, but the sex appeal of their toned bodies still seeps through the drapes of their exquisite attire.


"When the Leaves turn Yellow" by Jorn Mobius (Watercolour)

"In Camera Caritatis" by Jorn Mobius (Watercolour)

"Love Possesses Not" by Jorn Mobius (Watercolour)

"A Soul Enchanted" by Jorn Mobius (Watercolour)

"And So It Goes" by Jorn Mobius (Watercolour)

"New Beginning" by Jorn Mobius (Watercolour)

"I am at One with Myself" by Jorn Mobius (Watercolour)

Jorn Mobius has worked as an artist in Denmark, Germany and the United States. His paintings are in many collections including those of Billy Joel and Jeff Bridges.


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