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Kent Neffendorf: Icons of Masculinity

Kent Neffendorf, born in 1959, is an American homoerotic artist. He lives in Texas.
The art of Kent depicts nude and partially clothed male figures as icons of masculinity and sexuality. The subjects are exhibitionists or voyeurs or both. The paintings herein feature pinup works, crotch shots and glimpses of the modern life of gay men cruising and engaging in sex with an emphasis on clothing as fetish. Underwear bulges, particularly briefs and boxers, are an ongoing obsession.

A Soft Kiss, 2001


Open Mouth Kiss

Cotton Candy, 2006

Guardian Angel. 2007, Oil on canvas

Red, White and Blue, 2007, Oil on canvas

Blueboy, 2008, Oil on canvas

Black Speedo, 2006

Living in the Afterglow, 2006, Oil on stretched canvas, 16"x20", Private Collection

Kent's illustratios have appeared in the pubblications Men, Mandate, Playguy, Freshmen, Torso, Honcho and the Advocate and the novels of Felice Picano and Gordon Merrick. He is among the arstists featured in the Tom of Finland Foundation.


More Artists at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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