elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Marc Debauch: Mythological fantasy and zoomorphism with sexual humor

"Working in oils, gouache, graphite, colored pencils or ink, I create erotic art to illustrate the mysterious, occult, sensuous, educational and (sometimes) humorous aspects of sexuality.

My images portray a wide range of sexual interests, which include masculine men immersed in sexual fantasies.

My personal preference blends mythological fantasy and zoomorphism with sexual humor.

Peter Paul Rubens, George Quaintence, Paul Cadmus and Tom of Finland are among the artists who influence my work.

I hope to excite the viewer visually, emotionally as well as spiritually.

My goal as an artist and sexually active gay man is to paint erotica that continually challenges the views of people who oppose sexual freedom.

I would like my paintings to assist the viewer in discovering where they are in the spectrum of human sexuality." --Marc Debauch


More Artists at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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